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Adult temperature probe
Product features

 Using high-precision thermistor to provide accurate clinical temperature measurement data

 Fast & safe operation, easier for patients to accept and reduce the pain of patients

 Reusable after cleaning & disinfecting, reliable quality

Continuously and accurately monitoring body temperature data, to avoid the risk of mercury monitoring

 With a variety of suitable cables, compatible with a variety of main monitors

 Passed bio-compatibility test, gentle to skin, comfortable & durable

Original model No.: 409B

Compatible brands

Compatible with YSI400 series monitors, Philips A3 series monitors: M3926A,M3927A, M3928A, M3929A; Marquette 7000/7010, GE Eagle, Solar, Tram, Tramscope, MAC-Lab Systems


Product specifications

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃; single thermistor sensor: 5 ℃@2.252KΩ; 10ft (3.0 m); φ6.3 single channel plug >> φ12 plate


Med-linket advantage

Strong logistics management team

Foreign trade documents specialist

 Import and export licenses available

Custom clearance capability

Short production period and delivery on time

 Superior sales services

 All products are liability insured

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