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ETCO2 Mainstream Module

1. Simple operation;plug and play 2. Long-term stability;dual waveband, non- disperse infrared technology 3. Long operating life; infrared black body light source with MEMS technology 4. Accurate results; with built-in compensation algorithm for temperature, atmospheric pressure and balance gas 5. Free of calibration; patented calibration algorithm; calibration-free operation 6. With a minimum sampling flow rate of 50ml/min 7. Comprehensive solutions for OEM and ODM of CO2 sensor

Product Details

As a professional manufacturer of various quality medical cable assemblies, Med-link is also one of the leading suppliers of etco2 sidestream module (internal) in China. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment and many professionals. With FDA and CE certification, you can rest assured to buy our products made in China at reasonable price. Also, customized service are also available.

ETCO2 Sidestream Module.jpg


  • Long-term stability, non-dispersive infrared technology with two wavebands

  • Long service life, infrared black body light source with MEMS

  • Accurate Results, with built-in temperature, atmospheric pressure, compensation algorithm for the balance gas

  • Calibration-free, patented calibration algorithm without the need for calibration

  • Low sampling flow rate, the minimum sampling flow rate 50ml/min

  • Easy to operate, plug-in measure

  • Low cost in usage and storage

  • ETCO2 Sidestream Module.jpg

  • ETCO2 Sidestream Module.jpg


  • Respiration rate range: 2~150 breath/minute

  • Electric power supply: DC 5V

  • Power Consumption: 1.2W

  • Usage Environment: 0~40℃, 10~90% RH, without condensation

  • Storage Environment: -40~70℃, <90% RH, without condensation


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