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Digital technology affect the health care industry


Digital--IT the industrial revolution not only traditional IT functions has become a personal and competitive business ecosystem is a catalyst for innovation. One obvious aspect is the beginning of the digital revolution has now, reshaping how to create physical goods using 3D printing.
By 2018, the 3D printing will lead to global intellectual property income of at least a loss of 100 billion dollars a year. Short-term concerns: by 2015, there will be at least a Western market maker charges a mainstream product in the market of its intellectual property rights through unauthorized use of 3D printing. 3D printer, a scanner, and 3D modeling technology costs down, coupled with device capabilities continue to improve, making the theft of intellectual property more easily.
By 2016, the 3D printing of tissues and organs (imprinting) will lead to a global debate: whether to overhaul the technology was banned for human and non-human. Short-term concerns: by the end of 2015, United States food and drug administration or other is assessing all the health care proposals of similar institutions in the developed world will be clearly defined, without prior permission, will be banned for life-saving 3D bio-printing of tissues and organs.

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