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How to choose the coagulation Analyzer


set the right direction:
1, buy coagulation Analyzer to conduct scientific research, clinical or considered;
2, blood coagulation Analyzer workload, that is, unit size, number of beds and specimens;
3, needs to have a certain degree of predictability, buy coagulation Analyzer will not lag behind 3-5 years.
good understanding of coagulation Analyzer:
1, coagulation Analyzer performance, technical data, test metrics;
2, blood coagulation Analyzer detection, such as analysis and testing speed, availability of emergency checks and easy to insert, test items, and categories, reagent stability;
3, standards, quality control materials, reagent sources and prices.
good understanding of coagulation Analyzer manufacturer:
Purpose of seeking formal sales and service customer service, high quality service, efficient and timely manner, such as repairs, reagents, control materials, and should require the supplier to customer service training, time and manner to make clear answers and arrangements.

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