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[Global Exclusive Cluster Patent] HyLink series ECG lead wires, medical staff no need to "compile ponytail"

At present, the biggest problem of traditional ECG lead wires is there is too many harness, it wastes more time as annoying cable entanglement and brings great burden to medical staff. At the same time, cumbersome medical operations also brings strong discomfort to patients.

HyLink series ECG lead wires

[Scene of ECG lead wires operation training]

Medical staff needs easier use, non-tangle ECG lead wires to make patients more comfortable

HyLink series ECG lead wires

Med-linket Medical(833505) - Medical cable assemblies manufacturer leader, with mission of “make medical staff easier, people healthier”, specializes in R & D and production of medical cable assemblies for over 13 years,  with more consideration in products safety, reliability,comfort & convenience, we newly creatively launched HiLink series.

This series of products brought Gospel for many medical institutions and medical staff ! The probe has a wider range of applications; lead wires is with good signal transmission; more convenient to clean and disinfect ; at the same time, the cable is with antibacterial ability etc. These factors are effective in solving the cumbersome medical problems.

HyLink series ECG lead wires

ECG monitor 12 lead wires

Products features

 HyLink series ECG lead wires

1.Exclusive cluster patent technology all over the world to avoid lead wires tangled according to patient's body structure;

2.Unique new electrode clip, no need to press to connect, reducing patient's pain;

3.Extensive lead wire connector type, making products compatible with most of monitors;

4.Banana plugs is with telescopic function jacket, safer to use;

5.Silver foil wire core conductor is with longer life and better signal transmission;

6.TPU material is soft, comfortable & flexible with better durability and longer life;

7.With antibacterial agent skin to inhibit bacterial growth.

Products certifications & registration

HyLink series ECG lead wires

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