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Automatic Blood Culture Instrument Performance Characteristics

1, automatic blood culture instrument performance characteristics
2, a variety of culture bottles, nutritional conditions for microbial growth, the positive rate was greatly improved, reduce the incidence of false positive rate
3, antibiotics and culture bottle: effectively and antibiotic residues in body fluids, micro bacterial growth and effective positive rate
4, the thermostat is placed in liquid medium, train speed is greatly improved
5, static flat colour and dynamic fluorescence detection alarm, sensitivity and accuracy greatly improved
6, the use of bar codes reset the bottle and the bottle, avoid misplaced and take the bottle, ensure consistent flasks and application form
7, error alarm automatic identification, and avoid operating errors, misplaced bottles
8, instruments are 50, 60, 100, 120 a bottle, meet the requirements of patients in different hospitals usage, feel free to reset the bottle, take the bottle, will not affect the positive report
9, the instrument automatically + artificial color interpretation: the delayed preparation machines and equipment failure and other conditions, does not affect the rates of reported results

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