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Blood Analyzer Problem Analysis

1. specimen collection and the use of anticoagulants
Specimen collection and the use of anticoagulant is the quality control of the key issues before blood Analyzer, it is very important, but people tend not to pay attention to. Blood specimen collection and the effect of anticoagulants on blood analysis of the accuracy of the results is very large, such as poor blood goes wrong or anticoagulant effect often led to a reduction in platelet count and blood is not smooth, blood specimens there are not easy to find with the naked eye in small clots may cause blood cell Analyzer counts does not fully or completely blocked. Count holes are not completely blocked, it is easy to find, could easily lead to errors of blood sample test results. Specimen collection mainly involved is blood or venous blood with his finger? with a vacuum machine or an ordinary syringe? recommended the use of venous blood and vacuum blood collecting specimens.
2. blood Analyzer on cell grouping is screening means blood cell Analyzer has from single of resistance anti-technology development into variety technology including physical, and chemical, and Immunology, and flow type cell operation, combined of automatic advanced instrument, on various blood Analyzer results more accurate reliable, automation degree by single of three pressure grouping development for blood Analyzer system, that full blood cell count, and network weaving red blood cells count, and outside week blood push tablets and dyeing, process of automatic of.

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