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Choose The Right NIBP Cuffs For Neonate

The accurate measurement of blood pressure is important to monitor the patient's vital signs, to identify potential threats, and to guide treatment and rescue.

World Health Organization report shows that there are more than 1500 million premature babies born in the world annually. In China about 16 million neonates are born each year, of which about 1.2 million is premature babies, ranking second in the world.

With the "Comprehensive Two" policy liberalization, 70s and 80s aged mothers surge. Due to the elderly maternal, premature babies significantly increase. The number of future premature babies will also show an upward trend.

Premature infants refers to the birth of less than 37 weeks of gestational age neonate, during the birth small gestational age, low weight, prone to a variety of growth and development problems, and even cause serious illness or disability.

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      Premature infant’s complications such as apnea, lethargy, convulsions, anemia, hypotension, shock, intraventricular hemorrhage, periventricular white matter softening phenomenon. Monitoring the blood pressure of newborns can control the disease in time to provide timely and effective basis for the treatment.

      With the development of medical science and technology and the wide application of the monitor, the clinical measurement of neonatal blood pressure becomes more convenient. Commonly used measurements are invasive (invasive ductus arteriosus) and noninvasive (using cuff measurements).

      In view of the special physiological state of the newborn, as well as convenient, safe and correct detection requirements, the monitor is usually equipped with disposable blood pressure cuffs of different arm circumferences to facilitate the appropriate choice of medical staff.

If cuff chose is too narrow, as the neonatal skin is thinner, blood vessels is rich, so when it is too tight and makes the blood vessels compressed before the pressure, the measured value is low, but also cause skin damage and disease delayed.

If cuff chose is too wide, can not touch the newborn skin, then will make the measurement data low and cause disease delayed.

Infants in NICU often accompany by respiratory and circulatory disorders. Disposable blood pressure cuff monitoring can provide an important basis for the rescue and treatment of critical newborns.

Current Status of Neonatal NIBP Cuff on the Market

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       Adopting harder tendon cloth material for the blood pressure cuff is easy to cause neonatal skin damage. Not suitable for continuous monitoring;

Repeated use increases the risk of neonatal infection in hospitals;

Blood pressure cuff is too large and cover the large tracts of neonatal skin, so people cannot observe skin changes of cover part, affecting the measurement accuracy.

Why use disposable blood pressure cuff?

       Annual increase in the number of newborns infected in the hospital, the risk increased;

Reusable blood pressure cuff is a potential carrier of pathogenic microorganisms;

Reduce hospital costs and patient costs.

5 Reasons to Choose MED-LINKET Disposable NIBP Cuff 


MED-LINKET Disposable Neonate NIBP Cuff

       Cuff with transparent bladder and air hose, can clearly observe the neonatal skin changes in the cover part, real-time adjustment, to provide effective clinical reference;

For neonate, body temperature regulation function is poor; the body surface area is relatively large; skin is thin; blood vessels are rich. Our cuffs use TPU material, giving the neonatal best supple and measurement environment;

       From the design, production, sales, have strict quality control on the cuffs. Produce and pack in the 100,000 level of clean room, with anti-static packaging to avoid static flammable gas in the operation area, to ensure product safety and reliability ;

       Adapt to different hose connectors, but also directly match the brand models to meet different customer needs.


MED-LINK Disposable Neonate NIBP Cuff

      Med-linket has been providing medical cable assemblies design and production support for a long time, and our experienced engineers work closely with designers to develop more convenient neonate NIBP cuff. Make healthcare and people more relaxed. 

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