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Med-linket Soaking Cleaning And Disinfection Solution For Neonate SpO2 Sensors

With the economic development, population growth and increasing degree of aging society, as well as the growing awareness of health care, especially particular focus on newborn infections.

According to news from the Fifteenth National Hospital Infection Management Academic Annual Conference, among tens of millions of hospital patients each year, about 10% of patients get nosocomial infection; the cost of additional medical expenses is about billions of dollars. This happened not only in China, also the study made by international medical community in Spain, France and other countries showed that about 6% to 12% of patients got hospital infection after in the hospital.

In 2010, there are more than 15 million premature infants all over the world, equivalent to one premature infant in 10 newborns .The United States and Brazil are the world's top 10 premature infant’s countries, with 517,000 and 279,300 in 2010 respectively. Preterm birth rates increased from 7.5% (2 million) in 1990 to 8.6% (2.2 million) in 2010 (from Medical News Today, 2012).

Why is the incidence of neonatal infection high, and prone to aggregation or epidemic?

The babies in neonatal intensive care unit mostly are seriously ill, premature birth, low birth weight and other critical diseases, poor adaptability to the external environment, low immune function, multiple invasive operation and more prone to nosocomial infection, high mortality.

According to researchers at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and clinic found that 77% of the lead wires have one or more antibiotic-resistant pathogen contamination, the reason is that the product has not been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The current status of neonatal SpO2 sensor:

Small crevices in double parallel lines are easily filthy, difficult to clean.

Silicone wrap is little bit hard, not fit for long time wearing.

Diameter of 2.5X5mm cables are too fine and too hard to apply to the newborns. 

Med-linket realizes the focus on the patient safety, comfort, hospital cost and medical staff efficiency, so Med-linket is committed to developing neonate SpO2 sensors to help our clinical partners provide the best patient care and meet the needs of safety, comfort, easy-to-use and low-cost. 

Foam material wrap, make the most possible to achieve ventilation and comfort.

Cable diameter is only 2.5mm and feels suppler. It is a circular conductor, so not filthy and easier to clean.

Smooth and seamless sensor design ensures that the product will not be filthy, easy to clean and soaking disinfection.

Although there are many risk factors for severe neonatal infections, take effective preventive measures against risk factors to improve the immunity of newborns and conditions of ICU, enhance environmental disinfection, improve the care quality, and reduce or control severe Nosocomial infections.

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