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Medical Equipment Will Be Realized In The Future Of Portable

Portable high-performance
Unlike hospital equipment is portable medical products need to be integrated into numerous performance on a microchip, so the unit of volume of the functional requirements of the equipment with higher, need to be able to more accurately handle more and more complex analog and digital signals.
Medical electronics development poses new challenges to the semiconductor industry is mainly concentrated in front of the high resolution sensor and high-precision a/d converters, requiring lower power consumption and better thermal characteristics and higher integration, reliability, design and complexity of the challenge. However, portable medical equipment for the home care market, costs are worth paying attention to. Previously, portable equipment in the field of small messy situation, but with the development in recent years, portable products are no longer low-cost, low-performance.
In response to this trend, many semiconductor providers to guarantee power consumption, size and cost advantages in such areas, will continue to be in high-precision, highly integrated signal-chain products and power management for portable applications, wireless RF products increases investment.
New technology upgrades
In recent years, not only the traditional medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer launched a rapid diagnosis of micro-devices, blood glucose monitoring even tries to launch PSP game console. Domestic manufacturing research and development capability has greatly improved the medical device manufacturer and medical markets in the developing countries, Chinese brand of medical equipment can be seen everywhere, products including technical value added domestic high-end medical equipment.

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