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What Are Automatic Biochemical Analyzer In Detection Methods

Rate method, and has called the dynamic method, the instrument continuously measuring absorbance changes in the biochemical process in order to receive absorbance rate of change. Enzyme activity assay using this method. Detection is decreased by the end of the reaction, also called the negative response, for example: ALT AST; detection products is rising reaction, also called positive, ALP.
Terminal method, testing absorbance value of biochemical reactions to a point in time in order to get the specific absorbance of the solution. Common GLU,TP, ALB, and so on.
Two-point method, biochemical reaction two instruments the absorbance value of the point in time, 2nd minus the 1th, get the difference in absorbance.
Semi-automatic or automatic biochemical Analyzer, parameter settings, just follow the kit instructions set up properly, according to reagent instructions do the experiment again on the line. Using a spectrophotometer is another matter.

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