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One Piece ECG Cables with Leadwires

  • One-Piece Series EKG Cable with wires

    Contact NowOne-Piece Series EKG Cable with wires1. Global exclusive bundling patent,help get rid of twine. 2. Unique new type electrode clip,zero pressure to connect electrodes. 3. Bnanana connector with the elastic jacket,more better signal transmission. 4. Non-removable TPU ensures the comfort and strength,without hurting the divices. 5. The data cable with antibacterial agent can inhibit bacteria effectively.Read More

  • One-Piece Series ECG Cable with wires

    Contact NowOne-Piece Series ECG Cable with wires1. Snap type and clip type are availble to connect with electrodes. 2. Can directly connect with patient monitor, reduce costs. 3. Med-link one-piece ECG cables can be compatible with Conlin, BCI, Philips, Goldway monitors etc. 4. A wide range of connector types is available to match all monitoring instruments. 5. AHA and IEC mark electrode position, the lead wire can be simply and quickly connected to the electrode. 6. Lead wire connectors are injection molding, strong and durable. 7. Can be reused after high temperature sterilized. 8. Jacket materials mostly are TPE , improve patient comfort. 9. FDA, CFDA,CE approved, quality assured.Read More

  • Radiotransparent Leadwires (RTL)

    Contact NowRadiotransparent Leadwires (RTL)1.Compatible with Neusoft Medical Systems, biosy Datascope IVY, PHILIPS, GE- Marquette, Datex-Ohmeda, CONMED... 2.When used with Radiotransparent ECG electrodes, the Radiotransparent Leadwires offers a radiotransparent system resulting in an uninterrupted view of the chest during heart catheterizations, x-ray and thallium stress test studies.Read More

  • ’One-LINE' Series ECG Lead Wires

    Contact Now’One-LINE' Series ECG Lead Wires1. One-line design, the lead wires no need to be separated, and connecting electrodes are simple and clear. 2. One-line ECG lead wires are light and convenient, comfortable to use. 3. ECG cable can be cleaned and reused. 4. The products are compatible with all patient monitors, free-latex. 5. Med-link produces one-line ECG lead wires, applied to adult and pediatric patients. 6. The connectors are divided into Din type, AAMI type, VS type, Euro type, TRU-LINK type. 7. Med-link one-line ECG lead wires get CFDA,CE, FDA certifications.Read More

  • IBP Cables

    Contact NowIBP CablesProduct Feature 1.IBP adapter cables mostly are 12ft(3.6m), long enough. 2.IBP cables have various specification, and can be compatible with Nihon Kohden, MEK, Choice, Spacelabs, Drager, Siemens patient monitor etc. 3.Products get CE, CFDA approved. 4.Connectors are inject molding, long lifetime. 5.Can be repeatedly used after high-temperature sterilization.Read More

  • Holter ECG Leadwires

    Contact NowHolter ECG Leadwires1. Unshielded lead wires have the 1.5mm(0.060) DIN socket injection molded at one end and a snap, Grabber injection molded at the other. 2. The snap termination's ergonomic, teardrop design reduces tangling at the patient end connector. 3. Pinch and neo-pinch terminations have dual sided metal contacts to ensure the connection in flex- reliefs.Read More

  • ECG Electrodes

    Contact NowECG Electrodes1. Provides suction electrodes, limb clamp electrodes and veterinary ECG electrodes. 2. ECG electrodes are divided into adult and pediatric types. 3. The products are fit for Din plug, banana plug, and snap lead wires. Veterinary ECG electrodes are fit for 4.0 snap lead wires. 4. Reusable products reduce the costs.Read More

  • Disposable ECG Electrodes

    Contact NowDisposable ECG Electrodes1. Med-link disposable ECG electrodes with extremely excellent electrical performance, dedicated to supporting the use of various ECG equipments, used in operating room, anesthesia, ICU, cardiology and emergency center. 2. TPE medical cable & connector, PVC & plasticizer free. 3. Adopt unique polymerization technology to reduce skin rashes and skin disorders. 4. Adopt high-quality hydrogels to maintain confort of the skin, stablility of ECG signals and endurance adhesion. 5. Got FDA, CE, CFDA, ISO 13485, TUV certificates.Read More

  • ECG Trunk Cables and Leads for Patient monitor

    Contact NowECG Trunk Cables and Leads for Patient monitor1.Med-link ECG trunk cable are widely used in most brands of ECG patient monitors, and various types of lead wire connectors can be directly matched with the original ECG cable. 2.Injection molding connectors, durable and strong.Snap style and Clip style are available.3.The materials of jacket mostly are TPE, soft and comfortable.4.Products can be reused after high temperature sterilized. 5.Med-link reusable ECG lead wires get FDA, CE, CFDA certifications.Read More

  • Disposable ECG Lead Wires

    Contact NowDisposable ECG Lead Wires1. The electrode connector center has a small hole, easy to connect to ECG electrode. 2. Lateral push button electrode buckle to reduce the pain of patients. 3. The lead wire can be divided according to patient body bifurcation, to avoid wires got messy and tangled. 4.Single patient use to reduce the risk of cross infection. 5. Various kinds of lead wire connectors, strong compatibility; Compatible with DATEX, GE, PHILIPS, DRAGER, MINDRAY, SPACELABS etc.Read More

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