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Pulse SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

  • SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

    Contact NowSpO2 Sensor Extension Cable1.Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable can be compatible with Masimo,Nihon Konden, Philips, Nellcor, Ohmeda patient monitors. Products are good-looking and durable. 2.The cable length normally are 8 ft.(i.e. 2.45m) or 2.4m, can be customized on demand. 3.Pass the biocompatibility evaluation: all the materials contacted with patients meet the relevant standards ISO1993-5, ISO10993-10. 4. Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable get CFDA, FDA, TUV IS0 13485 certifications.Read More

  • One-Piece Series EKG Cable with wires

    Contact NowOne-Piece Series EKG Cable with wires1. Global exclusive bundling patent,help get rid of twine. 2. Unique new type electrode clip,zero pressure to connect electrodes. 3. Bnanana connector with the elastic jacket,more better signal transmission. 4. Non-removable TPU ensures the comfort and strength,without hurting the divices. 5. The data cable with antibacterial agent can inhibit bacteria effectively.Read More

  • Anesthesia Depth Sensor Adapter Cable

    Contact NowAnesthesia Depth Sensor Adapter CableProduct Feature The anesthesia depth sensor adapter cables provided by Med-link are easy to clean and disinfect, and can be used multiple times. Product Function Anesthesia Depth Sensor adapter cables are used to connect anesthesia depth sensor and patient monitor, to continuously monitor the...Read More

  • Holter Recorder ECG Patient Cable and Lead Wires

    Contact NowHolter Recorder ECG Patient Cable and Lead WiresProduct Feature 1.Divided into: cable and lead wires, one-line lead wires and one-piece lead wires. 2.Med-link holter ECG cables are with double shield to reduce the static interference. 3.Enhance flexibility on both ends of connectors strain reliefs of ECG lead wire to avoid continued damage to to cables and connectors. 4.The splitter has clear color code for the European (IEC) and American (AAMI) marks, allowing faster and easier connection to the lead wires. 5.Various lead wire connectors can match a variety of monitoring instruments. 6.Med-link offers Din 3 Leads, 5 leads, 7 leads, 10 leads ECG lead wires, to meet more monitor requirements. 7.Unshielded lead wire snap user-friendly design and drop-shaped design avoids the confusion of patient end connectors. 8.Complete product certification, CFDA, CE, FDA approved.Read More

  • One-Piece Series ECG Cable with wires

    Contact NowOne-Piece Series ECG Cable with wires1. Snap type and clip type are availble to connect with electrodes. 2. Can directly connect with patient monitor, reduce costs. 3. Med-link one-piece ECG cables can be compatible with Conlin, BCI, Philips, Goldway monitors etc. 4. A wide range of connector types is available to match all monitoring instruments. 5. AHA and IEC mark electrode position, the lead wire can be simply and quickly connected to the electrode. 6. Lead wire connectors are injection molding, strong and durable. 7. Can be reused after high temperature sterilized. 8. Jacket materials mostly are TPE , improve patient comfort. 9. FDA, CFDA,CE approved, quality assured.Read More

  • Temperature Probe Interconnect Cable

    Contact NowTemperature Probe Interconnect Cable1.Comprehensive specifications can be compatible with most of the import and domestic monitors. 2.Connectors are injection molding, strong and durable. 3.The products are FDA, CFDA, TUV ISO 13485 certified. 4.The products can be reused after high temperature sterilization.Read More

  • Disposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-invasive EEG sensor

    Contact NowDisposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-invasive EEG sensor1. Reflecting the excitement or inhibition status of the cerebral cortex, and accurately providing the monitoring and assessment of status of mind awareness to meet clinical needs; 2. Brain electrode is latex free and made with imported conductive adhesive, high-quality 3M double-sided adhesive and it is with low impedance; 3. Passed bio-compatibility test, it is with no cytotoxicity, skin irritation and sensitization; 4. Sensitive measurement, precise data, good adhesion.Read More

  • Veterinary SpO2 Sensor

    Contact NowVeterinary SpO2 SensorPortable: Independent sensor, small and easy to carry. Safe: Non-invasive wearing monitoring, medical comfortable TPU material. Easy to use: independent tongue clip probe, pulse & SpO2 real-time continuous monitoring, can be inserted to oximeter directly, also can be used with temperature probe via adapter cable in sub-line common use, higher cost-effective. Compatible with mainstream brand pulse oximeter.Read More

  • Disposable SpO2 Sensor

    Contact NowDisposable SpO2 SensorHigh precision: Passed the clinical SpO2 precision trial of he First Affiliation Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, our SpO2 sensor is still able to guarantee accuracy of SpO2 value in the case of hypoxemia; Complete certificaton: CFA, FDA, and CE certified; Good compatibility: Compatible with most of domestic and imported brand monitors.Read More

  • Reusable SpO2 Sensor

    Contact NowReusable SpO2 SensorProduct Features: 1. The long line is 3 meters and can be connected directly, less limit to the placement of the instrument, lower cost and longer life; the short line is 0.9 meters, economical and durable, avoiding the cable winding, improving patient comfort; 2. Accurate measurements can be made even under hypoxic conditions; 3. Nearly 1000 kinds of products, various specifications, compatible with most of the domestic and foreign brand monitors. 4.CFDA, FDA, CE and other domestic and foreign certification.Read More

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