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  • Disposable ECG Electrodes

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    Disposable ECG Electrodes

    1. Med-link disposable ECG electrodes with extremely excellent electrical performance, dedicated to supporting the use of various ECG equipments, used in operating room, anesthesia, ICU, cardiology and emergency center. 2. TPE medical cable & connector, PVC & plasticizer...Read More

  • Neonatal ECG Electrodes

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    Neonatal ECG Electrodes

    Product Features: 1.Non-adhesion for clinical use, care of newborn baby skin. 2.Excellent electrical conductivity, reduce the baby discomfort caused by ECG monitoring. 3.Unique structure, strong anti-interference, continuous monitoring newborns ECG, at any time concerned...Read More

  • Radiotransparent Leadwires (RTL)

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    Radiotransparent Leadwires (RTL)

    1.Compatible with Neusoft Medical Systems, biosy Datascope IVY, PHILIPS, GE- Marquette, Datex-Ohmeda, CONMED... 2.When used with Radiotransparent ECG electrodes, the Radiotransparent Leadwires offers a radiotransparent system resulting in an uninterrupted view of the chest...Read More

  • Holter Recorder ECG Patient Cable and Lead Wires

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    Holter Recorder ECG Patient Cable and Lead Wires

    Product Feature 1.Divided into: cable and lead wires, one-line lead wires and one-piece lead wires. 2.Med-link holter ECG cables are with double shield to reduce the static interference. 3.Enhance flexibility on both ends of connectors strain reliefs of ECG lead wire to avoid...Read More

  • Holter ECG Leadwires

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    Holter ECG Leadwires

    1. Unshielded lead wires have the 1.5mm(0.060) DIN socket injection molded at one end and a snap, Grabber injection molded at the other. 2. The snap termination's ergonomic, teardrop design reduces tangling at the patient end connector. 3. Pinch and neo-pinch terminations...Read More

  • Holter Blood Pressure Cuffs

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    Holter Blood Pressure Cuffs

    Product Feature 1.Products can be reusable, easy to clean and disinfection. Product Function Holter blood pressure cuffs are used in conjunction with the Holter monitor for continuous measurement of blood pressure.Read More

  • Resuable NIBP Cuffs

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    Resuable NIBP Cuffs

    1. Gentle TPU, strong enough for repeated inflation; 2. Reusable for multiple patient use; 3. Convenient and easy to clean; 4. Easy-to-use range markers and index line for proper size and placement; 5. Extra hook and loop for added security; 6. Variety of connection...Read More

  • Bladderless Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs

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    Bladderless Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs

    1. Gentle Nylon+TPU, strong enough for repeated inflation 2. Reusable for multiple patient use 3. Convenient and easy to clean 4. Easy-to-use range markers and index line for proper size and placement • Extra hook and loop for added security 5. Variety of connection...Read More

  • Disposable NIBP Cuffs

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    Disposable NIBP Cuffs

    1. Soft and absorbaent material, it is more comfortable for patient; Strong performance in gas filling and releasing. 2. Suitable for various trachea connector and compatible with brand monitors directly. 3. 100,000clean room ensure cleanliness of product, disposable...Read More

  • Newborn Blood Pressure Cuff

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    Newborn Blood Pressure Cuff

    Product Feature: 1.Med-link provides disposable neonatal blood pressure cuffs and reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs. 2.Reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs can be repeated use after disinfection, single tube and two-tube, for newborns arm circumference of 6-11cm....Read More

  • NIBP Hoses and air hose connectors (cuff side)

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    NIBP Hoses and air hose connectors (cuff side)

    NIBP Hoses 1.For connecting cuff with automatic blood pressure meter, electronic blood press meter, manual blood pressure monitor, patient monitor. 2. Available in Adult, Pediatric, and Neonatal styles; 3. 8, 12, and 24-foot lengths permit positioning of the monitor in the...Read More

  • IBP Cables

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    IBP Cables

    Product Feature 1.IBP adapter cables mostly are 12ft(3.6m), long enough. 2.IBP cables have various specification, and can be compatible with Nihon Kohden, MEK, Choice, Spacelabs, Drager, Siemens patient monitor etc. 3.Products get CE, CFDA approved. 4.Connectors are inject...Read More

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