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  • Disposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-invasive EEG sensor

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    Disposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-invasive EEG sensor

    1. Reflecting the excitement or inhibition status of the cerebral cortex, and accurately providing the monitoring and assessment of status of mind awareness to meet clinical needs; 2. Brain electrode is latex free and made with imported conductive adhesive, high-quality 3M...Read More

  • Anesthesia Depth Sensor Adapter Cable

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    Anesthesia Depth Sensor Adapter Cable

    Product Feature The anesthesia depth sensor adapter cables provided by Med-link are easy to clean and disinfect, and can be used multiple times. Product Function Anesthesia Depth Sensor adapter cables are used to connect anesthesia depth sensor and patient monitor, to...Read More

  • EEG Lead Wires

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    EEG Lead Wires

    Product Feature 1.Med-link offers tooth type grabber EEG lead wires and Cup electrode EEG lead wires. 2.Multi-lead EEG lead wires with different colors leads, easy to distinguish. 3.Standard din 1.5mm connector (another 2.0mm pin connector) can be compatible with domestic and...Read More

  • EEG Electrodes

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    EEG Electrodes

    1.The EEG electrodes offered by Med-link adopt special silver chloride plating process. The surface is more uniform, dense, and more stable signal. 2.The EEG electrodes with silver chloride plating have higher measurement accuracy and lower noise. 4. Applied equipments: EEG,...Read More

  • ESU Pencil

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    ESU Pencil

    Product Feature 1.Disposable ESU pencils and reusable ESU pencils are available. 2.Med-link provides hand control ESU pencil and foot control ESU pencil. 3.Fast cutting speed, good hemostatic effect, safe and secure. 4.Complete product specifications, providing a variety of...Read More

  • Medical Endoscopic Light Cable

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    Medical Endoscopic Light Cable

    Product Feature 1.The products are made of Silicone material, not easy to corrosion and break, durable. 2.Endoscopic light cables are made of silicone by injection molding, high temperature and pressure sterilization, for repeated use. 3.The cables length normally is 3m, and...Read More

  • Disposable ESU Pencil

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    Disposable ESU Pencil

    Product Features 1.Light material and user-friendly exterior design, comfortable to use, reduce the doctors' muscle tension caused by prolonged surgery, lower the risk of surgery. 2.Waterproof structure minimizes the risk of electric shock. 3.Long enough cable, thick...Read More

  • Bipolar Forceps Cable

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    Bipolar Forceps Cable

    Product Feature 1.Euro and US style bipolar forceps cables are available. 2.The cables can be autoclaved at high temperature and pressure. 3.Materials are safe and durable. Product Function Connect with bipolar forceps and electrosurgical instrument, widely used in major...Read More

  • Grounding Pad Cable

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    Grounding Pad Cable

    Product Feature 1.High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization. 2.Med-link can produce cables with different connectors to match different instruments. Patient return plate cable length 4M or 3M, long enough, to ensure the doctor convenience and patient comfort.Read More

  • Bipolar Forceps

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    Bipolar Forceps

    Product Feature 1.Med-link provides various types of bipolar forceps, to meet more demands. 2.Can be connected to a variety of bipolar forceps cables, suitable for most of the electrosurgical instruments. 3.Can be high temperature and high pressure sterilization, keep stable...Read More

  • Veterinary Temperature Sensor

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    Veterinary Temperature Sensor

    Portable: One-piece lead wires, smaller size, convenient to store and carry, suitable for emergency first aid, emergency surgery. Safe: Rectal Insertion, Non-Invasive Monitoring, Medical TPU Tube, Comfortable & Skin Care, Disposable Sheath To Prevent Cross Infection,...Read More

  • Veterinary SpO2 Sensor

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    Veterinary SpO2 Sensor

    Portable: Independent sensor, small and easy to carry. Safe: Non-invasive wearing monitoring, medical comfortable TPU material. Easy to use: independent tongue clip probe, pulse & SpO2 real-time continuous monitoring, can be inserted to oximeter directly, also can be...Read More

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