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  • ETCO2 Water Trap

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    ETCO2 Water Trap

    Product Feature : 1.Breathing machine sidestream EtCo2 water trap, is made of medical plastic, safe and secure. 2.Med-link provide 47mm and 57mm adult / pediatric water trap. 3.Products are compatible with Mindray PM9000, PM7000 and PM6000 series and BeneView Patient Monitor....Read More

  • Neonatal ECG Leadwires

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    Neonatal ECG Leadwires

    1.Med-link provides disposable neonatal ECG lead wires and reusable neonatal ECG lead wires. 2.Neonatal ECG lead wires are made of polyurethane material. The product appears to be more flexible, soft and comfortable , more suitable for newborn baby.Read More

  • Neonatal ECG Electrodes

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    Neonatal ECG Electrodes

    Product Features: 1.Non-adhesion for clinical use, care of newborn baby skin. 2.Excellent electrical conductivity, reduce the baby discomfort caused by ECG monitoring. 3.Unique structure, strong anti-interference, continuous monitoring newborns ECG, at any time concerned...Read More

  • Neonatal Temperature Probes

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    Neonatal Temperature Probes

    Product Feature: 1.The products are applied to Drager, Siemens etc machine. 2.Neonatal Temperature Probes are majorly skin-surface probes. Products are CFDA,CE approved. Temperature monitoring could keep the newborn babies safe. 3.Can be repeated use through sterilization....Read More

  • Neonatal SpO2 Sensors

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    Neonatal SpO2 Sensors

    Product Feature 1.The products applied to neonates, should be wrapped in the soles of the feet. 2.Med-link provide neonatal disposable SpO2 sensors and neonatal reusable SpO2 sensors, forehead SpO2 sensor and neonate wrap SpO2 sensor ( undetachable and detachable). 3.Neonatal...Read More

  • Newborn Blood Pressure Cuff

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    Newborn Blood Pressure Cuff

    Product Feature: 1.Med-link provides disposable neonatal blood pressure cuffs and reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs. 2.Reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs can be repeated use after disinfection, single tube and two-tube, for newborns arm circumference of 6-11cm....Read More

  • Neonatal Eye Mask

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    Neonatal Eye Mask

    Product Feature: 1.Neonatal eye mask are made of high-quality environmentally friendly elastic material and can be adjusted for newborn wear. 2.Neonatal phototherapy eye mask has no oppression on the baby's head, not easy to fall off, soft and comfortable. 3.The products...Read More

  • Neonatal Incubator Temperature Probes

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    Neonatal Incubator Temperature Probes

    Product Feature: 1.Newborn incubator temperature probe length is 0.8m, with 2 pin bending plug. 2.Thermistor sensor, temperature measurement accuracy of ± 0.1 ° C 3.Incubator temperature probes require higher quality, CE, CFDA certified. 4.Med-link offers disposable neonatal...Read More

  • Original Patient Monitoring

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    Original Patient Monitoring

    Original Patient Monitoring About specific items, please call +86 755 61120085 or Email sales@med-linket.comRead More

  • Original Electrosurgery

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    Original Electrosurgery

    Original Electrosurgery About specific items, please call +86 755 61120085 or Email sales@med-linket.comRead More

  • Original ECG/EKG

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    Original ECG/EKG

    Original ECG/EKG About specific items, please call +86 755 61120085 or Email sales@med-linket.comRead More

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