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  • Veterinary ECG Lead Wires

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    Veterinary ECG Lead Wires

    1. Reusable and Disposable products; 2. veterinary ECG & Temperature probes, big size and small size can be choosed; 3. kinds of veterinary ECG electrodes for different lead wires; 4. veterinary ECG Cable and Lead Wires, TPU materialRead More

  • Breathing Circuits

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    Breathing Circuits

    Product Feature Med-link provide reusable breathing circuit, easy to clean and disinfect. Product Function Breathing circuit supports the use of breathing machine or anesthesia instrument. The main function is to deliver gas to patients, commonly used in large-scale surgery...Read More

  • Breathing Machine Temperature Sensor

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    Breathing Machine Temperature Sensor

    Product Feature: 1.Length 3m,L type probe, 2.5 mono plug, diameter conical 2.ISO13485, CE,CFDA approved. Products meet required standards. Product Function: Temperature probes are connected with patient monitor. Continuously monitor the gas through the anesthesia and...Read More

  • Disposable Breathing Circuits

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    Disposable Breathing Circuits

    Product Features Med-link provide disposable breathing circuit, single use or repeated use for single patient, to avoid cross-infection. Product Functions Disposable breathing circuit is used with breathing machine and anesthesia machine. The main function is to deliver gas...Read More

  • Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor

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    Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor

    Product Feature: 1.Made of ABS,PE,PVC medical material, safe for blood pressure measurement during anesthesia. 2.Accurate measuring, to avoid the measurement error caused by binding cuff improperly. 3.Invasive blood pressure measurement, the patient could be monitored even in...Read More

  • Disposable Grounding Pad

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    Disposable Grounding Pad

    1. White foam and non-woven substance with breathable adhesive pasting, Close to the skin and comfortable. High-performance anti-allergy adhesive layer is not easy to fall off, with good adhesion and conductivity. 2.Med-link grounding pad materials all passed the...Read More

  • Neonatal Eye Mask

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    Neonatal Eye Mask

    Product Feature: 1.Neonatal eye mask are made of high-quality environmentally friendly elastic material and can be adjusted for newborn wear. 2.Neonatal phototherapy eye mask has no oppression on the baby's head, not easy to fall off, soft and comfortable. 3.The products...Read More

  • Neonatal Incubator Temperature Probes

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    Neonatal Incubator Temperature Probes

    Product Feature: 1.Newborn incubator temperature probe length is 0.8m, with 2 pin bending plug. 2.Thermistor sensor, temperature measurement accuracy of ± 0.1 ° C 3.Incubator temperature probes require higher quality, CE, CFDA certified. 4.Med-link offers disposable neonatal...Read More

  • Disposable POB Needle

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    Disposable POB Needle

    Product Feature: 1.Disposable POB needles are with thin coating, so the needle diameter and flatness does not change and puncture resistance is small. 2.Different types of needle sizes and needle point angles are available. Med-link could provide OEM service. 3.Single-use...Read More

  • Original Electrosurgery

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    Original Electrosurgery

    Original Electrosurgery About specific items, please call +86 755 61120085 or Email sales@med-linket.comRead More

  • Pressure Infusion Bags

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    Pressure Infusion Bags

    Product Features 1.Med-link disposable pressure infusion bags are made of a certain thickness of the polyurethane, not easy to damage. 2.Large inflatable balloon can be faster and more convenient for inflation; three-way valve helps quickly deflated, no need to squeeze the...Read More

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