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Disposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-invasive EEG sensor

1. Reflecting the excitement or inhibition status of the cerebral cortex, and accurately providing the monitoring and assessment of status of mind awareness to meet clinical needs; 2. Brain electrode is latex free and made with imported conductive adhesive, high-quality 3M double-sided adhesive and it is with low impedance; 3. Passed bio-compatibility test, it is with no cytotoxicity, skin irritation and sensitization; 4. Sensitive measurement, precise data, good adhesion.

Product Details

Product Features
1.Advanced manufacturing technology, stable quality.
2.Perfect sensor and system matching
3.According to the human brain curvature and gravitational principles, adopt the entire strip-shaped design, simple and convenient to operate.
4.Safe and comfortable skin paste effect, no skin allergies, physical comfort.
5.Adopt the international advanced EEG specialized liquid conductive gel, better mobility, and stronger conductivity, in line with EEG monitoring needs.
6.High-density shielding layer, effectively block the outside interference signal; double-shield technology to avoid distortion and loss of signal acquisition, ensure the accuracy of data collection, more stable in anesthesia operation to reduce the amount of medication.
7.Disposable products prevent cross-infection.
Product Functions
Anesthesia depth sensor is also called non-invasive EEG sensor, it can reflect the brain's state of consciousness, used with EEG monitoring equipment non-invasive measuring the patient's EEG signal to provide doctor with monitoring and evaluation EEG consciousness state, and anesthesia depth Reference data, mainly applied in clinical surgery.

Clinical significance of anesthesia depth monitoring

  1. Ensure patients is with no awareness in surgery and no memory after surgery;

  2. Improve recovery quality after surgery and shorten the time in recovery room;

  3. Conscious recovery after surgery is more complete;

  4. Reduce the rate of nausea & vomiting after surgery;

  5. Guide the dosage of ICU sedative to maintain a more stable level of calm;

  6. Used in anesthesia of clinic surgery to shorten observation time after surgery;

  7. More accurate to use anesthetic and makes anesthesia more stable while reducing the dosage of anesthetic.

As a professional manufacturer of various quality medical cable assemblies, Med-link is also one of the leading suppliers of disposable anesthesia depth sensor in China. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment and many professionals. With FDA and CE certification, you can rest assured to buy our products made in China at reasonable price. Also, customized service are also available.

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