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  • Reusable SpO2 Sensor

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    Reusable SpO2 Sensor

    Product Features: 1. The long line is 3 meters and can be connected directly, less limit to the placement of the instrument, lower cost and longer life; the short line is 0.9 meters, economical and durable, avoiding the cable winding, improving patient comfort; 2. Accurate...Read More

  • Disposable SpO2 Sensor

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    Disposable SpO2 Sensor

    High precision: Passed the clinical SpO2 precision trial of he First Affiliation Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, our SpO2 sensor is still able to guarantee accuracy of SpO2 value in the case of hypoxemia; Complete certificaton: CFA, FDA, and CE certified; Good...Read More

  • SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

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    SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

    1.Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable can be compatible with Masimo,Nihon Konden, Philips, Nellcor, Ohmeda patient monitors. Products are good-looking and durable. 2.The cable length normally are 8 ft.(i.e. 2.45m) or 2.4m, can be customized on demand. 3.Pass the...Read More

  • Neonatal SpO2 Sensors

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    Neonatal SpO2 Sensors

    Product Feature 1.The products applied to neonates, should be wrapped in the soles of the feet. 2.Med-link provide neonatal disposable SpO2 sensors and neonatal reusable SpO2 sensors, forehead SpO2 sensor and neonate wrap SpO2 sensor ( undetachable and detachable). 3.Neonatal...Read More

  • One-Piece Series ECG Cable with wires

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    One-Piece Series ECG Cable with wires

    1. Snap type and clip type are availble to connect with electrodes. 2. Can directly connect with patient monitor, reduce costs. 3. Med-link one-piece ECG cables can be compatible with Conlin, BCI, Philips, Goldway monitors etc. 4. A wide range of connector types is...Read More

  • ’One-LINE' Series ECG Lead Wires

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    ’One-LINE' Series ECG Lead Wires

    1. One-line design, the lead wires no need to be separated, and connecting electrodes are simple and clear. 2. One-line ECG lead wires are light and convenient, comfortable to use. 3. ECG cable can be cleaned and reused. 4. The products are compatible with all...Read More

  • ECG Trunk Cables and Leads for Patient monitor

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    ECG Trunk Cables and Leads for Patient monitor

    1.Med-link ECG trunk cable are widely used in most brands of ECG patient monitors, and various types of lead wire connectors can be directly matched with the original ECG cable. 2.Injection molding connectors, durable and strong.Snap style and Clip style are available.3.The...Read More

  • Disposable ECG Lead Wires

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    Disposable ECG Lead Wires

    1. The electrode connector center has a small hole, easy to connect to ECG electrode. 2. Lateral push button electrode buckle to reduce the pain of patients. 3. The lead wire can be divided according to patient body bifurcation, to avoid wires got messy and...Read More

  • Neonatal ECG Leadwires

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    Neonatal ECG Leadwires

    1.Med-link provides disposable neonatal ECG lead wires and reusable neonatal ECG lead wires. 2.Neonatal ECG lead wires are made of polyurethane material. The product appears to be more flexible, soft and comfortable , more suitable for newborn baby.Read More

  • One-Piece Series EKG Cable with wires

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    One-Piece Series EKG Cable with wires

    1. Global exclusive bundling patent,help get rid of twine. 2. Unique new type electrode clip,zero pressure to connect electrodes. 3. Bnanana connector with the elastic jacket,more better signal transmission. 4. Non-removable TPU ensures the comfort and...Read More

  • EKG Multi-Link Cable and Lead Wires

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    EKG Multi-Link Cable and Lead Wires

    Instrument Connectors A variety of 15 pin D-subminiature connector and round type solutions are available in either metal or plastic connectors, over-molded housings and straight or angled flex-reliefs. Connectors are surrounded by insert molded flex-reliefs to protect...Read More

  • ECG Electrodes

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    ECG Electrodes

    1. Provides suction electrodes, limb clamp electrodes and veterinary ECG electrodes. 2. ECG electrodes are divided into adult and pediatric types. 3. The products are fit for Din plug, banana plug, and snap lead wires. Veterinary ECG electrodes are fit for 4.0 snap lead...Read More

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