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Medical devices during the next 10 years a great potential


175,000 national medical and health institutions with medical instruments and devices, where 15% is a before and after in the 1970 of the 20th century, before 60% is the mid-80 's. This means they need replacement, and in the process, will ensure that the next 10 years or even a longer period of China medical device market is growing fast.
Behavioral analysis, new reforms are largely ill-health and public hospital reform, reform of public hospital medical equipment demand is bound to increase, while behind the sharp increase in the aging population, there are trillions of old-age industry market space, and the greatest demand for an ageing society is not a car or other consumer goods, but the quality of health care, medical device market will expand further.
New health care reform ultimately is solve medical problems is difficult and expensive and, therefore, in addition to the strengthening and expansion of urban and rural health-care coverage, increasing illness other than reimbursement amount, further to urban and rural hospitals management ideas and high-end medical equipment and treatment is necessary. New medical reform has been clearly put forward, the State will strengthen the public health system, urban communities, rural health construction. The next few years, two or three lines of the County and township grass-roots medical institutions in China medical device market a top priority, including the development of economically backward regions, such as the future of the Western focus.

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