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Purchase electrolyte Analyzer


It is understood that the electrolyte Analyzer in the overall structure, the electrode is a very important component. Many manufacturers of electrolytic Analyzer, electrodes were placed in aluminum alloy electrode shield and instrument needs to have special grounding, the instrument can detect. Some instruments are equipped with shielding sheet metal. Though so, but these electrolyte analyzers are often unstable, and brings many troubling questions to use and maintenance personnel.
Blood electrolytic quality Analyzer experts introduced, above of electrolytic quality Analyzer, actually is a electrode placed in shield box and has dedicated grounding of instrument, using of is glass Na electrode and glass pH electrode, because glass tube electrode impedance high, by humidity, and temperature, and magnetic field effect compared big, caused measurement value of not stable, often is basis points set standard are pass but, spent human, and measurement in the consumption reagents, and instrument of price also high. Electrode signal is MV level, are vulnerable to disturbance. Electrodes and glass electrodes have an alkaline solution to ongoing maintenance. Use cost greatly.

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