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Industrial Convergence In The Field Of Medical Devices Is Imperative

Technology in the future, demand and market perspectives to determine the direction of development and technology. Innovation in science and technology, will organize high end breakthrough, through research, innovation and technical difficulty than larger products and, secondly, promoting grass-roots medical device product upgrades, realization of portable, digital and networked to promote grass-roots overall equipment performance improvement; in addition, research will focus on strengthening frontier technology around diagnosis, treatment, clinical needs, materials, and innovative.
Health is the general trend. Just released by the State Council health services planning, where you can see whether it's health, retirement or for a third party service industry, medical device industry can work with fusion. Pension real estate development is a major concern, in which medical devices and integration of the entire real estate industry requires barrier-free technologies, the detection of disease, chronic diseases management innovation.
Achieving cross-border development, integration and innovation, in a sense, is both an objective needs, market-driven, biomedical, medical device innovation inherent in the development of internal demand in the area.

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