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Med-linket Neonatal SpO2 Sensor Innovative Solutions, The Escort For Newborn

Infectious diseases have long been a major cause of morbidity and mortality among children under five years of age. With the improvement of living standards, scientific and technological progress, especially the development, production and widespread use of antibiotics and vaccines, infectious diseases get some control, but it is still the biggest killer of children.

Infectious diseases include respiratory tract infections, intestinal infections, hand-foot-mouth disease, influenza and other common diseases, but also most admissions diseases in many hospitals pediatric system, "between 50% and 60% of patients in the pediatric system are infectious diseases, up to 70% to 80% of outpatients."

Since 1962, the United States established the first batch of coronary care unit, the medical care system were promoted gradually. And, with the continuous development of computer and signal processing technology, as well as the increasing clinical monitoring requirements for the critically ill patients and potentially dangerous patient, medical monitor industry began to enter the market demand surge stage.

The doctors and nurses in hospitals often encounter such a confusion, bad fixation occurs during the use of pulse oximetry in critically ill children, or because the sensor band used in clinical care is the elastic bandage, it is easy to fall off once pulling, thus affecting the oxygen saturation detection as the probe cannot be well fixed, even press or collision with the bed causing damage to the probe, which caused the clinical nursing inconvenience.

In response to market demand, Med-linket developed a series of neonatal SpO2 sensor to solve the above problems.

Neonatal Disposable SpO2 Sensors

No need pre-cleaning and pre-disinfection, can use immediately and can abandon after use to reduce the burden of medical staffs and improve care efficiency.

Reduce the chance of infection and cross-infection, the sensor has adhesion and binding function preventing the probe off and data error.

Neonatal Reusable SpO2 Sensors

No dead ends and there is no small crevice of filth in sensor and lead wires.

Easy to clean and disinfect, can be soaked, soft and comfortable wrap.

A variety of wrap models improve the measurement accuracy.


Provide neonatal disposable and reusable SpO2 sensor, forehead SpO2 sensor, neonate wrap sensor ( detachable and undetachable )

Neonate wrap spo2 sensors adopt soft foam material & Velcro, more comfortable to newborns. 

Compatible with Mindray, Masimo, Nhon Konden, Nonin,Newtech, Nellcor and other domestic and import brands of patient monitor models. Provide various specifications of SpO2 sensor extension cable to meet more needs.

Products are approved by CFDA, FDA,CE, safe and reliable.

Med-linket developed new economical ECG Cable and SpO2 sensor assemblies for the patient monitor manufacturers. Except for the standard models, OEM service is available to meet customers’ demand. 

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