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Disposable Temp Probes

  • Disposable SpO2 Sensor

    Contact NowDisposable SpO2 SensorHigh precision: Passed the clinical SpO2 precision trial of he First Affiliation Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, our SpO2 sensor is still able to guarantee accuracy of SpO2 value in the case of hypoxemia; Complete certificaton: CFA, FDA, and CE certified; Good compatibility: Compatible with most of domestic and imported brand monitors.Read More

  • Disposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-invasive EEG sensor

    Contact NowDisposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-invasive EEG sensor1. Reflecting the excitement or inhibition status of the cerebral cortex, and accurately providing the monitoring and assessment of status of mind awareness to meet clinical needs; 2. Brain electrode is latex free and made with imported conductive adhesive, high-quality 3M double-sided adhesive and it is with low impedance; 3. Passed bio-compatibility test, it is with no cytotoxicity, skin irritation and sensitization; 4. Sensitive measurement, precise data, good adhesion.Read More

  • Disposable ESU Pencil

    Contact NowDisposable ESU PencilProduct Features 1.Light material and user-friendly exterior design, comfortable to use, reduce the doctors' muscle tension caused by prolonged surgery, lower the risk of surgery. 2.Waterproof structure minimizes the risk of electric shock. 3.Long enough cable, thick enough core, ensure the...Read More

  • Disposable Breathing Circuits

    Contact NowDisposable Breathing CircuitsProduct Features Med-link provide disposable breathing circuit, single use or repeated use for single patient, to avoid cross-infection. Product Functions Disposable breathing circuit is used with breathing machine and anesthesia machine. The main function is to deliver gas to patients, commonly...Read More

  • Disposable Temperature Probes

    Contact NowDisposable Temperature Probes1. Use high-precision thermister, clinical data accuracy: ±0.1℃; 2. With a variety of suitable cable, compatible with most of monitors; 3. Superior insulation protection prevents electric shock risk, it prevents the liquid flowing into the junction and Ensures correct reading & safety; 4. Adhesive foam can be fixed on measuring position, no irritation to the skin and with better confort. The reflector can effectively insulate ambient temperature and radiant light.(Skin-surface) 5.Blue medical PVC tube, smooth and waterproof; Round & amooth jacket surface makes it non-invasive to be inserted & removed.( Esophageal/Rectal) 6.Single-patient using, it can greatly reduce the risk of cross-infection between patient & patient to ensure safety of patient and avoid medical disputes.Read More

  • Disposable Grounding Pad

    Contact NowDisposable Grounding Pad1. White foam and non-woven substance with breathable adhesive pasting, Close to the skin and comfortable. High-performance anti-allergy adhesive layer is not easy to fall off, with good adhesion and conductivity. 2.Med-link grounding pad materials all passed the biocompatible test, non-toxic, no stimulation, no allergies. 3.Med-link provide adult,pediatric types, unipolar and bipolar types, single line and non-line types grounding pad. 4.This product can be used one time, as it is one-time sterile product. 5.Med-link could manufacture connectors for different equipments according to the clients' requirements.Read More

  • Disposable ECG Electrodes

    Contact NowDisposable ECG Electrodes1. Med-link disposable ECG electrodes with extremely excellent electrical performance, dedicated to supporting the use of various ECG equipments, used in operating room, anesthesia, ICU, cardiology and emergency center. 2. TPE medical cable & connector, PVC & plasticizer free. 3. Adopt unique polymerization technology to reduce skin rashes and skin disorders. 4. Adopt high-quality hydrogels to maintain confort of the skin, stablility of ECG signals and endurance adhesion. 5. Got FDA, CE, CFDA, ISO 13485, TUV certificates.Read More

  • Disposable IBP Transducers

    Contact NowDisposable IBP Transducers1.The product consists of three-way valve connector, pressure transducer chip, exhaust valve, pressure signal output connection and exhaust pipe. 2.The materials are medical PE,PVC,ABS, safe and secure. 3.Monitor precisely, to avoid the non-invasive measurements error due to cuff binding position and cuff tension. 4.Invasively measure blood pressure, even when vital signs in the patient are weak. 5.Disposable pressure transducers avoid the infection among patients.Read More

  • Disposable ECG Lead Wires

    Contact NowDisposable ECG Lead Wires1. The electrode connector center has a small hole, easy to connect to ECG electrode. 2. Lateral push button electrode buckle to reduce the pain of patients. 3. The lead wire can be divided according to patient body bifurcation, to avoid wires got messy and tangled. 4.Single patient use to reduce the risk of cross infection. 5. Various kinds of lead wire connectors, strong compatibility; Compatible with DATEX, GE, PHILIPS, DRAGER, MINDRAY, SPACELABS etc.Read More

  • Disposable NIBP Cuffs

    Contact NowDisposable NIBP Cuffs1. Soft and absorbaent material, it is more comfortable for patient; Strong performance in gas filling and releasing. 2. Suitable for various trachea connector and compatible with brand monitors directly. 3. 100,000clean room ensure cleanliness of product, disposable products and anti- static packages. 4. Transparent airbags and trachea, easier to observe skin changes in packaged area. (Hylink series) 5. Soft TPU material, the comfortable feeling. (Hylink series)Read More

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