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Medical device industry to new, high, direction


Speeding up structure adjustment
To further accelerate enterprise restructuring and eliminating unqualified and backward enterprise, creating international competition capacity of enterprises, pluralistic development in the medical device industry. Meanwhile, to strengthen communication and collaboration between enterprises, reduce overcapacity, repeated production division of labor, raw materials, reagents, process, equipment, production, facilities, machine, parts, industrial, circulation development efforts towards research and development, production, distribution, use, maintenance, and development of industrialization, to large-scale, systematic, the strength of the direction.
Strengthening personnel training
A strong team of professionals is one of the industry's most powerful resource. Medical device industry to establish a strong market competitiveness, it is necessary to have a strong research and development, production, sales and maintenance professionals. To this end, the country not only to adjust the enrollment plan, increase the intensity of training of medical devices companies to enhance staff expertise and training, including scientific research, production, sales, maintenance, and so on, should lay stress on cultivating the spirit of innovation, the medical device industry to "new, high, wide" (new materials, high-tech, full range) directions.
Standardized management
Further standardizing the medical device market, strengthen the construction of standard and testing institution-building and daily production management, such as higher credit enterprises to provide a good environment for development; limited regulatory powers focus on low credit enterprises, step up supervision and management, and urge enterprises to reform.

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