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【One-line ECG Lead Wires】Patent Technology, Avoiding Tangle, Make Patients More Comfortable

(“I need an ECG lead-wire set which is easy to apply, won’t tangle, and comfortable for my patients.”) This is the strongest demand from bottom of the heart of a foreign ECG medical staff.

  It is very troublesome to use and manage lead wires during ECG work. It wastes a lot of time of medical workers as irritating cable entanglement and brings strong discomfort to patients.


Med-linket(833505), a leading manufacturer of medical cable assemblies, recommend you with better solutions: one-line ECG lead wires.

We have a patent for this ECG lead wires and it can replace traditional multi-link lead wires directly.

This kind of single-wire structure can be used in the standard ECG electrode and also meet the needs of electrode position alignment, it can maximize elimination of the defects of traditional multi-link ECG lead wire winded. One-line leads are available for adults and children and are compatible with mainstream monitors.

Make patients more comfortable and easier for medical staff to use.

One-line ECG lead wires is a single wire, it is not complicated and messy, and it will not frighten patients and family.

Zero-pressure electrode connector makes it can be easily connected to the ECG electrode and keep the connection secure.

One-line is easier to use and quickly connect, its order conform to habits of medical staff.

One line ECG lead wires is with characteristics of more flexible, durable and easy-cleaning.

Spending less time to sort out the lead wires and more time to take care of patients. One-line ECG lead wires solutions make medical staff easier and patients beneficial.

Special function of one-line lead wires

In order to avoid tangle, we can provide 3-pole, 4-pole, 5-pole & 6-pole one-line lead wires;

Fast and easy-use, IEC or AAMI standard clip connectors are printed with clear logo and colors;

The same position and effect, it supports medical staff all over the world with the most familiar & standard electrode position and order ;

More comfortable, use patented technology of zero-pressure clip electrode connector, no need to press electrode to connect;


Available for adults and children;

Easy to clean.




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