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Med-linket Appeared On 2017 Brazil Medical Exhibition, Hylink Series SpO2 Temperature Probe Attracted Much Attention

May 16-19, 2017, Brazil International Medical Exhibition was held in Sao Paulo, as the most authoritative medical supplies exhibition in Brazil and Latin America, Shenzhen Med-linket Medical Electronics Corp., was invited to participate.

Med-linket, as one of the high-tech enterprises in Chin, we had our new upgraded Hylink pulse SpO2 sensor series, temperature probe, anesthesia supplies, End-tidal CO2 and other products displayed on exhibition, and attracted exhibitors from South American countries such as Brazil, Peru, Uruguay etc..


About Med-linket Fully New Upgraded Hylink Pulse SpO2 Sensor Series

Med-linket’s pulse SpO2 sensor series is the ideal choice for you to measure pulse & SpO2 in the external environment of strong interference and the patient with weak pulse. Product categories include reusable SpO2 sensor, disposable SpO2 sensor, sterile SpO2 sensor, SpO2 sensor extension cables. The type of sensor is divided into adult finger clip pulse SpO2 sensor, adult (large) silicone soft finger pulse SpO2 sensor, pediatric (small) silicone soft finger pulse SpO2 sensor, neonatal wrap pulse SpO2 sensor to meet the needs of different patients’ SpO2 measurement.

SpO2 Sensor.jpg

High precision

Passed the clinical SpO2 precision trial of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Med-linket’s SpO2 sensor is still able to guarantee accuracy of SpO2 value in the case of hypoxemia.

Complete certifications

Certified by China CFDA, America FDA, EU CE

Good compatibility

Compatible with major brands & models of most hospitals’ monitors.

Superior quality

Complete enterprise production management quality certification system, certified by YY / T0287-2003 and ISO13485: 2003 medical device quality system.

Safety & reliable

SpO2 sensor passed biocompatibility evaluation: all material contact with the patient are in line with relevant standards.

SpO2 Sensor.png

About Med-linket Temperature probe

With the continuous level and awareness improvement of medical institutions, as a physiological signal measurement, temperature monitoring is getting more and more attention in the OR, ICU, CCU and ER. So Med-linket provides a full set of reusable & disposable temperature probes suitable for adults & children with professional skills & high standards.

Temperature probe.png

With corresponding two votes system, one vote system formulated for medical supplies of all provinces in China, our Prime Minister also said: the upgrade of domestic high-end medical equipment manufacturing is not only enterprises’ business, some relevant incentive policies should be introduced for upgrade of innovation, R & D and quality of small & medium companies.

Surrounding the entire medical environment, Med-linket follows the trends and is specialized in developing, producing and selling medical sensors, medical cables assemblies, house-hold medical equipment and health care management platform with higher standard and innovative technology. The products include ECG cable and lead wire, SpO2 sensor, temperature probe, blood pressure cuff, blood pressure sensor and cables, brain electrode, ESU pencil and grounding pad, medical connector and so on. Products are widely used in monitors, oximeters, ECG, HOLTER, EEG, B ultrasound, fetal monitor etc.. Product specifications are complete and compatible with most of imported and domestic models, and we can provide OEM/ODM services to meet customer demands.

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