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Medlinket Is Adapting To The Change Of The Market,promote The High-quality Cuff Tube Connectors,welcome To Consult.

At present,the medical treatment has entered into a time of need to change,the number of hospitalized patients has increased,work load of medical staff has increased,lack of quality medical resources.Terefore,the demand for high-quality medical devices is even more urgent and important. 

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Med-Linket,the leading manufacturer&Exporter of medical 

cable assemblies,focus on medical sensors and cables components development,sales of 13 years,keeping up with the pace of development of the medical industry,depth understanding of the needs of health care,recently developed many cuff tube connectors for GE Carescape B650 monitor,widely used in ICU,CCU,ER,OR,PACU,NICU monitoring,meet the different clinical needs.

GE Dual Channel Tube Connector

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GE One Point Two Channels Tube Connector

cuff tube connectors.jpg

GE Dual Channel Tube Adapter

cuff tube connectors.jpg

Clinical advantages of Med-linket high-quality cuff tube connectors

1. Antibacterial, Mildew resistance, anti-UV and Easy to disinfect;

2. Wear-resistance and Anti-tear. Bend Resistance.

3.through biocompatibility testing, no irritation, good compatibility;

4. Oil resistance and Drug resistance

5. Heat resistance and Oxidation resistance.

Welcome agents ,distributor and monitor manufacturers to consult and ask samples to use or promote 

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