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ETCO2 Sensor & Accessories

The self-developed BA series ETC02 Sensor with high integration level is designed on the basis of the dual waveband, non-dispersive infrared technology combined with the latest microprocessor and digital signal processing technique. The proven concentration algorithm is used to draw real-time curve of CO2 and deduct the parameters, such as ETC02, inC02 and RR. The sampling flow rate of BA series CO2 Sensor can be set to a minimum of 50m1/min and could be setup according to different patient groups, such as babies, children and adults. The standard RS232 or TTL communication interface of the system can be quickly integrated into the monitor or other medical systems involved with the need to monitor the CO2. WinLand has nearly 20 years of experience in the production, research and development of infrared breath analyzer. The BA series sensor is the ideal choice for your demand of breath monitoring device with its stability, reliability, flexibi lity and accessibility.
As a professional manufacturer of various quality medical cable assemblies, Med-link is also one of the leading suppliers of protective articles in China. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment and many professionals. With FDA and CE certification, you can rest assured to buy our protective articles made in China at reasonable price. Also, customized service are also available.
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