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Semi-Conductor Laser Therapeutic Instrument
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 24, 2016

1, strong pain: nerve block, pain killers to release, reduce not nerve excitability. LED light emitting diode made of high purity and high power red light, irradiation on skin, changes in cell structure, killing bacteria, promoting cell growth and enhance new elastin and collagen protein in glioma
2, anti-inflammatory effect: semiconductor laser treatment machine can be activated or induced by t and b lymphocytes and macrophages produce cytokines, by activation of lymphocyte recirculation and the body's immune system, enhance the Phagocytic activity of macrophages, enhancing the role of nonspecific and specific immunologic. Semiconductor Laser can inhibit or reduce inflammation-induced pain
3, improve blood circulation: Semiconductor Laser directly on the pain of reduced blood flow or indirect sunlight sympathetic ganglion to dispose of this range can result in increased blood flow, pain caused by metabolism, pain relief
4, the system activates the brain endorphins: body after receiving a semiconductor laser irradiation can increase the metabolism of brain peptide, in the brain of morphine-like substances released to speed up, and pain relief
5, inhibit the nervous system transmission: not only inhibit the stimulation of laser diode conduction velocity, also inhibit the stimulation impulse frequency and strength. Laser stimulation of the pain caused by peripheral nerve conduction velocity, strength and impulse, impulse frequency has inhibitory effects on the

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