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Disposable Products

  • Disposable Electrode

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    Disposable Electrode

    Medlinket's disposable electrode can be used with EEG monitoring equipment to non-invasively measure patients’ EEG signals. *For more product details, check out the information below or contact us directly. Read More

  • Disposable Neonate NIBP cuff(Non-woven)

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    Disposable Neonate NIBP cuff(Non-woven)

    ★ Single patient use to avoid cross infection; ★ Easy to use, general range markings and indicators, easier to select the appropriate cuff; ★ A wide range of cuff end connectors, which can be adapted to mainstream monitors after connecting the cuff connector tube; ★ Latex-free,DEH... Read More

  • Disposable ESU Pencil

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    Disposable ESU Pencil

    Product Features 1.Light material and user-friendly exterior design, comfortable to use, reduce the doctors' muscle tension caused by prolonged surgery, lower the risk of surgery. 2.Waterproof structure minimizes the risk of electric shock. 3.Long enough cable, thick enough core, ensure t... Read More

  • Disposable Breathing Circuits

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    Disposable Breathing Circuits

    Product Features Med-link provide disposable breathing circuit, single use or repeated use for single patient, to avoid cross-infection. Product Functions Disposable breathing circuit is used with breathing machine and anesthesia machine. The main function is to deliver gas to patients, c... Read More

  • Disposable Grounding Pad

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    Disposable Grounding Pad

    1. White foam and non-woven substance with breathable adhesive pasting, Close to the skin and comfortable. High-performance anti-allergy adhesive layer is not easy to fall off, with good adhesion and conductivity. 2.Med-link grounding pad materials all passed the biocompatible test, non-... Read More

As a professional manufacturer of various quality medical cable assemblies, Med-link is also one of the leading suppliers of protective articles in China. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment and many professionals. With FDA and CE certification, you can rest assured to buy our protective articles made in China at reasonable price. Also, customized service are also available.
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