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Electrocardiograph ECG Cable With Lead Wires

  • Disposable defibrillation electrodes pads

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    Disposable defibrillation electrodes pads

    Product Name: Disposable defibrillation electrodes pads, Brand: Medlinket, Applicable Person: Adult, Pediatric, Order Code: 160100101, 160100202, 160100404, 160100505, 160100606, 160100107, OEM/ODM: Yes Read More

  • Compatible Bionet Direct-Connect ECG Cables

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    Compatible Bionet Direct-Connect ECG Cables

    ★ Integrated plug connector, solid and easy to clean; ★ Mesh tail dust prevention design, easier to clean; ★ The color marks of cable and clamp electrodes are clear and easier to identify; ★ Excellent shielding performance and anti-interference performance, better signal quality; Read More

  • Compatible Biolight Direct-Connect ECG Cables

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    Compatible Biolight Direct-Connect ECG Cables

    ★ Excellent shielding performance and anti-interference performance, better signal quality; ★ Plug connector integrated molding process, strong and firm, easier to clean; Read More

  • One-Piece Series EKG Cable With Wires

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    One-Piece Series EKG Cable With Wires

    1. Global exclusive bundling patent,help get rid of twine. 2. Unique new type electrode clip,zero pressure to connect electrodes. 3. Bnanana connector with the elastic jacket,more better signal transmission. 4. Non-removable TPU ensures the comfort and strength,without hurting the div... Read More

  • EKG Multi-Link Cable And Lead Wires

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    EKG Multi-Link Cable And Lead Wires

    Instrument Connectors A variety of 15 pin D-subminiature connector and round type solutions are available in either metal or plastic connectors, over-molded housings and straight or angled flex-reliefs. Connectors are surrounded by insert molded flex-reliefs to protect terminations and ext... Read More

  • ECG Electrodes

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    ECG Electrodes

    1. Provides suction electrodes, limb clamp electrodes and veterinary ECG electrodes. 2. ECG electrodes are divided into adult and pediatric types. 3. The products are fit for Din plug, banana plug, and snap lead wires. Veterinary ECG electrodes are fit for 4.0 snap lead wires. 4. R... Read More

  • Disposable ECG Electrodes

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    Disposable ECG Electrodes

    1. Med-link disposable ECG electrodes with extremely excellent electrical performance, dedicated to supporting the use of various ECG equipments, used in operating room, anesthesia, ICU, cardiology and emergency center. 2. TPE medical cable & connector, PVC & plasticizer free... Read More

  • Neonatal ECG Electrodes

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    Neonatal ECG Electrodes

    Product Features: 1.Non-adhesion for clinical use, care of newborn baby skin. 2.Excellent electrical conductivity, reduce the baby discomfort caused by ECG monitoring. 3.Unique structure, strong anti-interference, continuous monitoring newborns ECG, at any time concerned about the ... Read More

  • Radiotransparent Leadwires (RTL)

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    Radiotransparent Leadwires (RTL)

    1.Compatible with Neusoft Medical Systems, biosy Datascope IVY, PHILIPS, GE- Marquette, Datex-Ohmeda, CONMED... 2.When used with Radiotransparent ECG electrodes, the Radiotransparent Leadwires offers a radiotransparent system resulting in an uninterrupted view o... Read More

As a professional manufacturer of various quality medical cable assemblies, Med-link is also one of the leading suppliers of protective articles in China. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment and many professionals. With FDA and CE certification, you can rest assured to buy our protective articles made in China at reasonable price. Also, customized service are also available.
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