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Analysis Of The Future Direction Of China Medical Device Industry
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 24, 2016

In terms of new medical devices have been big gap with the developed countries, added value products are mostly lower. In the fierce market competition, the big medical device companies may soon reshuffle situation. In the field of medical devices, a number of important advanced diagnostic equipment have been imported.
All along, the core component technology can not be mastered is the upgrading of medical devices industry in China through one of the. Experts say that countries and implementation of relevant policies and regulations to fundamentally reverse the situation is very urgent, the core of which is to encourage and support national enterprises through technological innovation, grasp the core of cutting-edge medical technologies, and began the process of globalization.
As the State of the medical device industry "Twelve-Five" of the special plan, the medical device industry increase in space, in the "Twelve-Five" period will achieve a breakthrough in a number of high-end products, changed medical devices imported for large hospitals.
Saturated trend domestic demand for high-end equipment in hospital preparation, high-end medical equipment demand growth slowed. "Health care reform" context, the potential of the rural market has become a multinational company trying to compete for markets, multinational companies to consolidate and expand its market share in the Chinese market, are actively with China enterprise cooperation, localized research and development means to the low-end market penetration.

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