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The Three Drivers Of Future Growth In Medical Device Industry
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 24, 2016

Industry opinion
The medical device industry is a rapidly expanding emerging markets: according to the National Bureau of statistics, the enterprises above designated size in 2012, the medical device industry revenues has reached 156.5 billion, the compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. As the population ages and health care consciousness of significantly improved, medical device industry average growth rate will be higher than the drug industry in the future. Output devices and pharmaceuticals in developed countries is about 1:1, and equipment revenue of approximately 10% of the total pharmaceutical market size, market expansion is in progress.
Industry drivers
Health care consumer upgrade grass-roots and County domains market demand: health care coverage, improve consumers ' ability to pay of the consumer upgrades, Government primary health care system is the three drivers of future growth in medical device industry.
In the medical device industry with investment value of segment will focus on the major diseases and high-value medical supplies, home medical equipment, he domain expansion of four broad categories:
(1) the technical requirements of major disease areas of high (such as Neurology equipment, intervention, high technical barriers such as CT, MRI and other large equipment segment) with high technical barriers, foreign shares higher, domestic enterprises rely on cost-effective sales and service market;
(2) high-value consumables including dialysis, orthopedic surgical intervention, high-end materials;
(3) home medical equipment is relatively low but very much in demand;
(4) medical market expansion including the county-level hospitals in the County extension from reconstruction demand and low demand for basic medical equipment.

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