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Reduce Medical Costs The Health Care System To Improve The Way Forward
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 24, 2016

Increases in health care prevention and rehabilitation of health and medical services. Disease prevention and security should become a first line of defence health service. Setting disease prevention in health insurance and health care, for all people and not just the prevention and detection of disease in the elderly, setting up health records and regular medical examination system on emerging diseases or other illnesses in the elderly for early diagnosis, early treatment and control complications and recurrence, can effectively reduce medical costs for society as a whole, to reduce the social pressure of the health insurance fund.
Establishing multi-level and pertinence of the medical security system for the aged. At present in our country, but no medical insurance for the elderly, older persons is covered by three major health-care system, but many studies have shown that, in addition to free medical care, a level of health care of the elderly is not high. Can learn from the medical insurance system of developed countries, developing characteristics of the elderly population, multi-level old-age medical insurance plan to meet the medical needs of the elderly, reduce the burden on the elderly. As United States from 1965 began implementation of old medical plans, guarantees object for years full 65 age, and paid social security tax in 10 years above of elderly and disabled, and Japan carried out of senior medical insurance system is for 70 age above senior who and the 65 age above of paralysis elderly, they are is belongs to points age level of, and for different stage elderly of insurance system, 70% of sources Yu national health insurance raised of medical premium, 30% from levels government financial.

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