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Medlinket’s disposable NIBP cuff, specially designed for newborns
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Newborns will face all kinds of life-critical tests after they are born. Whether it is inborn abnormalities or abnormalities that appear after birth, some of them are physiological and will gradually subside on their own, and some are pathological. Sexual, need to be judged by monitoring vital signs.

According to related studies, in the neonatal intensive care unit, the incidence of hypertension accounts for 1%-2% of newborns. Hypertensive crisis is life-threatening and requires timely treatment to reduce the fatality rate and disability rate. Therefore, in neonatal vital signs testing, measuring blood pressure is a necessary examination for neonatal admission.

When measuring blood pressure in newborns, most of them use non-invasive arterial blood pressure measurement. The NIBP cuff is an indispensable tool for measuring blood pressure. There are repetitive and disposable NIBP cuffs that are common on the market. Repetitive NIBP cuff The NIBP cuff can be used repeatedly and is often used in general outpatient clinics, emergency departments, and intensive care units. The disposable NIBP cuff is used for a single patient, which can meet the requirements of hospital control and effectively prevent pathogen contamination. It is a good choice for patients with weak physical fitness and weak antiviral ability. It is mainly used in operating rooms, intensive care units, Cardiovascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and neonatology.

Medlinket’s disposable NIBP cuff, specially designed for newborns

For newborn newborns, on the one hand, due to their weak physique, they are susceptible to viral infections. Therefore, when measuring blood pressure, it is necessary to choose a disposable NIBP cuff; on the other hand, the newborns skin is delicate and sensitive to NIBP cuff. The material also has certain requirements, so you need to choose a soft and comfortable NIBP cuff.

The disposable NIBP cuff developed by Medlinket is specially designed for newborns to meet the needs of clinical monitoring. There are two material options: non-woven fabric and TPU. It is suitable for burns, open surgery, neonatal infectious diseases and other susceptible patients.

Non-woven NIBP cuff collection.

Medlinket’s disposable NIBP cuff, specially designed for newborns

Medlinket’s disposable NIBP cuff, specially designed for newborns

Product advantages:

1. Single-patient use to avoid cross-infection;

2. Easy to use, universal range signs and indication lines, easier to choose the right size cuff;

3. There are many types of cuff end connectors, which can be adapted to mainstream monitors after connecting the cuff connection tube;

4. No latex, no DEHP, good biocompatibility, no allergies to humans.

Comfortable neonatal NIBP cuff

Medlinket’s disposable NIBP cuff, specially designed for newborns

Product advantages:

1. The jacket is soft, comfortable and skin-friendly, suitable for continuous monitoring.

2. The transparent design of TPU material makes it easy to observe the skin condition of newborns.

3. No latex, no DEHP, no PVC

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