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Medlinket's Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe, a small expert in clinical home-based measurement
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 29, 2021

The SpO2 probe mainly acts on the human fingers, toes, earlobes, and the heart of the newborn's feet. It is used to monitor the patient's vital signs, transmit the SpO2 signal in the human body, and provide doctors with accurate diagnostic data. SpO2 monitoring is a continuous, non-invasive, fast response, safe and reliable method, and it has been widely used.

There are many types of SpO2 probes on the market, including disposable SpO2 probes and repetitive SpO2 probes. Most disposable SpO2 probes are paste-type, which can provide continuous monitoring for patients. The repetitive SpO2 probe has finger clip type, including finger clip type SpO2 probe, finger cuff type finger cuff type, wrapped belt type SpO2 probe, ear clip type SpO2 probe, Y-type multi-function type and many other styles to meet Patient spot testing or continuous monitoring.

Medlinket's Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe, a small expert in clinical home-based measurement

In clinical applications, SpO2 measurement can be connected to monitoring equipment through a SpO2 probe to achieve continuous monitoring. At home, in order to measure the SpO2 conveniently and quickly, a small oximeter can achieve rapid measurement. At present, the finger clip oximeter with large market coverage only needs to clamp the finger on the oximeter. Just go on.

However, the finger-clamp oximeter cannot meet the measurement needs of any user. For example, babies and newborns need to be connected with a suitable oximeter because their fingers are too small to be clamped on the probe end of the oximeter.

When choosing a SpO2 probe, depending on the size of the fingers of different people, and the usage habits are also different, it is necessary to select a special SpO2 probe suitable for adults, children, infants, and newborns. Medlinket’s newly developed Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe is suitable for all kinds of people. You only need to clamp the probe tip to different parts, such as ears, adult fingers, baby toes, newborn palms or soles. The need for testing.

Medlinket's Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe, a small expert in clinical home-based measurement

In addition, for families with pets, it is also necessary to conduct SpO2 monitoring for the pets on a regular basis. The Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe is also suitable for pets. Because pets are easily impatient and move, the measurement results are often inaccurate. The Medlinket Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe is simple and easy to use. After comforting the animal, you only need to Clamp the clip on the pet's hand or ear for quick measurement.

Medlinket's Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe, a small expert in clinical home-based measurement

Y-type multi-site SpO2 probe 

Product advantages:

1. Wide range of applications: adult ear clips, adult/child index fingers, baby toes, newborn palms/foots, etc., which are convenient for clinical or home testing and improve work efficiency;

2. After being matched with Medlinket temp-pulse oximeter, it can be applied to spot measurement simply and quickly, and it is suitable for a wide range of people;

3. High accuracy: Evaluate the accuracy of SPO2 by comparing the arterial blood gas analyzer;

4. Good biocompatibility, the product does not contain latex

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