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Medlinket’s home portable Temp-Pluse oximeter, scientific anti-epidemic
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The autumn and winter seasons are the most active seasons for the virus. Regarding the epidemic, from a global perspective, whether it is in Europe, America, or Southeast Asia, the overall epidemic has slowed down. However, it is too early to say that the epidemic has been brought under control. The pressure of anti-rebound is still great.

To prevent the epidemic in autumn and winter, on the one hand, we must adhere to the effective protective measures in the past, such as wearing masks, reducing gatherings and going out, and increasing self-immunity; on the other hand, we can monitor the physical condition by measuring the SpO2 and find the body in time. Potential risks, so that remedial measures can be made as soon as possible.

The epidemic has not yet ended. Recently, confirmed cases of new crown have appeared frequently in various places, which shows that there is still a risk of an outbreak in various places. In order to prevent an epidemic from appearing around us without knowing it, we need to measure our health at any time. However, going to the hospital for testing is more troublesome, and there is a risk of infection, so it is very necessary to have an anti-epidemic artifact for home testing.

Medlinket’s home portable Temp-Pluse oximeter, scientific anti-epidemic

Medlinket home portable Temp-Pluse oximeter is small and exquisite, easy to carry, whether it is at home or outdoors, it can be measured at any time according to user needs, can quickly reflect the body's blood oxygen saturation, body temperature and pulse rate. It is also a very good choice for people who like outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, and long-distance running. The human body is very prone to hypoxia. At this time, a portable oximeter can be used to achieve health testing, which is not affected by time. And location restrictions. At the same time, Medlinket's portable finger clip Temp-Pluse oximeter has good anti-jitter performance, and can achieve accurate measurement of SpO2 even under exercise.

Medlinket's home portable Temp-Pluse oximeter, this small machine, is also very simple to use, meeting the needs of fast monitoring.After turning on the device, you only need to clamp your finger on the Temp-Pluse oximeter, and the data can be read on the screen within two minutes.

Medlinket’s home portable Temp-Pluse oximeter, scientific anti-epidemic

In terms of special functions, the Medlinekt Temp-Pluse oximeter uses a rotatable OLED display with nine screen rotation directions for easy reading. At the same time, the screen brightness can be adjusted, and the readings are clearer when used in different lighting environments. You can set SpO2 , pulse rate, upper and lower limits of body temperature, and remind you to pay attention to your health at any time, which is very user-friendly.

Medlinekt portable Temp-Pluse oximeter can be connected to different SpO2 sensor, suitable for adults, children, babies, newborns and other people. It can be connected with smart Bluetooth, one-click sharing, and can be connected to mobile phones and PCs, which can satisfy family members or The remote monitoring of the hospital, so as to go to the rescue measures in time, to protect your health and safety.

SpO2 is an important clinical parameter and the basis for detecting whether the human body is hypoxic. It has become an important indicator for monitoring the severity of new coronary pneumonia. At present, the portable household Temp-Pluse oximeter has become an important testing tool for personal epidemic prevention and control. You can measure it yourself at home. Choose Medlinekt household Temp-Pluse oximeter to protect your health.

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