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Medlinket's pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation probe helps pregnant women to repair after childbirth
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Modern medicine believes that abnormal changes in pelvic floor tissue caused by pregnancy and vaginal delivery are independent risk factors for postpartum urinary incontinence. Prolonged second stage of labor, device-assisted delivery, and lateral perineal incision can aggravate pelvic floor damage, increase the risk of disease, and affect pregnant women’s body and mind. Health and quality of life. Due to the limitations of social economy, traditional concepts, cultural education, and women's shyness of urination, the disease has long been ignored by both doctors and patients. With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, many health and social problems caused by the disease have received increasing attention. 

Medlinket's pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation probe helps pregnant women to repair after childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause a certain degree of damage to the female pelvic floor muscles. Relevant studies have shown that this damage is reversible to a certain extent and can be restored to the pre-pregnancy level within a certain period of postpartum. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously monitor the pelvic floor muscles before and after delivery to understand the recovery of postpartum pelvic floor muscle function, and to guide the selection of more targeted prevention and treatment measures to promote postpartum pelvic floor recovery.

At present, the preferred basic method for the treatment of urinary incontinence is pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, including pelvic floor muscle exercise, biofeedback and electrical stimulation. Among them, pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation training is the most basic rehabilitation method. In order to improve clinical efficacy, it is often combined with biofeedback therapy, which can guide patients to contract pelvic floor muscles correctly, and can also record the strength and intensity of muscle contraction, which is beneficial to patient observation The basis and progress of the project will further improve compliance. Electrical stimulation therapy is mainly to improve the structure of the pelvic floor muscle, activate its nerve response function, and enhance its anti-fatigue; improve the excitability of the nerve muscle, wake up the nerve cells that have been suspended due to compression, promote the function recovery of nerve cells, and strengthen the urethra Sphincter contraction ability, strengthen urinary control.

Medlinket recognizes the importance of postpartum pelvic floor muscle repair for women, and has specially developed a pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation probe for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. It is used in conjunction with pelvic biofeedback or electrical stimulation equipment to deliver female pelvic muscles. Bottom muscle EMG signal, so as to achieve the effect of physical therapy.

How to choose a suitable pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation probe?

According to market demand, Medlinket designs different types of pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation probes for different patients, including ring-shaped, sliced rectal electrodes, and sliced vaginal electrodes, which are suitable for different groups of people.

1. Ring-shaped, slice-type rectal electrode, the product is small and exquisite, suitable for male patients and female patients with no sex life experience.

2. Small piece vaginal electrode, with smooth curved surface design, easy to clean and disinfect, suitable for female patients.

3. Large-size vaginal electrodes and large-area electrode pads can exercise more muscle tissue, which is suitable for female patients with pelvic floor muscle relaxation.

Medlinket's pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation probe helps pregnant women to repair after childbirth

Features of Medlinket's pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation probe:

1. One-time single-patient use to avoid cross-infection;

2. The handle made of soft rubber material can not only easily place and take out the electrode, but also the handle can be easily bent to close to the skin during use, protecting privacy and avoiding embarrassment;

3. Large-area electrode sheet, larger contact area, more stable signal transmission;

4. The electrode is integrally formed with a smooth surface, which maximizes comfort;

5. Crown spring connector design makes the connection more reliable and durable.


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