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The clinical significance of temperature management during perioperative period
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Sep 09, 2021

Body temperature is one of the basic signs of life. The human body needs to maintain a constant body temperature to maintain normal metabolism. The body maintains a dynamic balance of heat production and heat dissipation through the body temperature regulation system, so as to maintain the core body temperature at 37.0℃-04℃. However, during the perioperative period, the body temperature regulation is inhibited by anesthetics and the patient is exposed to a cold environment for a long time. It will lead to a decline in body temperature regulation, and the patient is in a low temperature state, that is, the core temperature is less than 35°C, which is also called hypothermia.

Mild hypothermia occurs in 50% to 70% of patients during surgery. For patients with severe illness or poor physical fitness, accidental hypothermia during the perioperative period may cause serious harm. Therefore, hypothermia is a common complication during surgery. Studies have shown that the mortality rate of hypothermia patients is higher than that of normal body temperature, especially those with severe trauma. In a study conducted in the ICU, 24% of patients died of hypothermia for 2 hours, while the mortality rate of patients with normal body temperature under the same conditions was 4%; hypothermia can also lead to reduced blood coagulation, delayed recovery from anesthesia, and increased wound infection rates. .

Hypothermia can have a variety of adverse effects on the body, so it is very important to maintain a normal body temperature during the operation. Maintaining the patient's normal body temperature during the operation can reduce surgical blood loss and blood transfusion, which is conducive to postoperative recovery. In the process of surgical care, the patient's normal body temperature must be maintained, and the patient's body temperature must be controlled above 36°C.

Therefore, during the operation, the patient's body temperature needs to be comprehensively monitored to improve the safety of the patients during the operation and reduce postoperative complications and mortality. During the perioperative period, hypothermia should arouse the attention of medical staff. In order to meet the needs of patient safety, efficiency and low cost during the perioperative period, Medlinket’s body temperature management series products have launched a disposable temperature probe, which can effectively monitor the changes in the patient's body temperature during the operation, so that the medical staff can go to the corresponding in time Insulation remedies.

Disposable temperature probes

Disposable skin-surface temperature probes

The clinical significance of temperature management during perioperative period

Disposable Rectum,/Esophagus temperature probes

The clinical significance of temperature management during perioperative period

Product advantages

1. Single patient use, no cross infection;

2. Using high-precision thermistor, the accuracy is up to 0.1;

3. With a variety of adapter cables, compatible with various mainstream monitors;

4. Good insulation protection prevents the risk of electric shock and is safer; prevents liquid from flowing into the connection to ensure the correct reading;

5. The viscous foam that has passed the biocompatibility evaluation can fix the temperature measurement position, is comfortable to wear and has no irritation to the skin, and the foam reflective tape effectively isolates the ambient temperature and radiation light; (skin-surface type)

6. The blue medical PVC casing is smooth and waterproof; the round and smooth sheath surface can make this product without Traumatic insertion and removal. (Rectum,/Esophagus temperature probes)

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