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Medlinket won the "Top 10 Best Reputation Equipment and Consumables Enterprises in China's Anesthesia Industry in 2021"
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Mar 09, 2022

Looking back on 2021, the new crown epidemic has had a certain impact on the global economy, and it has also made the development of the medical industry full of challenges. Academic services, and actively provide medical staff with anti-epidemic materials and build a remote sharing and communication platform, showing strong social responsibility and responsibility.

In the process of anesthesia operation, it is inseparable from the assistance of various instruments and consumables. Shenzhen Medlinket Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2004, has been focusing on providing high-quality monitoring equipment and anesthesia for intensive care units and anesthesia operations for 18 years. Consumables is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service.

In 2021, in the online selection activity of "2021 Top 10 Best Word-of-mouth Device Consumables Enterprises in China's Anesthesia Industry" organized by the Miller Voice editorial department, Medlinket won the honorary title of Top 10 Best Word-of-mouth Device Consumables Enterprises in China's Anesthesia Industry in 2021 .

Medlinket won the

This shows that Medlinekt Co., Ltd. has been recognized by its peers in the industry as an anesthesia consumables company. It is an affirmation of Medlinket Co., Ltd.'s unremitting efforts in the field of anesthesia consumables.

Medlinket won the

In 2021, amid the global COVID-19 epidemic and the uncertain international situation, Medlinket will persevere and work hard, focusing on providing high-quality consumables for intensive care units and anesthesia surgery, including SpO2 sensors, Depth of Anesthesia Sensor, temperature probe, non-invasive blood pressure(NIBP) Cuffs, ECG lead wires, ECG electrodes, ETCO2 Adapter, ESU Pencil and Grounding Pad and other products.

Medlinket won the

As a well-known enterprise of anesthesia consumables, a variety of anesthesia and ICU consumables from Medlinket are widely favored by tertiary hospitals across the country. Among them, Medlinket has a wide variety of disposable SpO2 sensors and disposable temperature sensors, which can be selected according to the requirements of different departments; and In recent years, the first choice for domestic substitution of imported products, Dispoable dual-channel EEG dual-frequency index sensor, with its own exfoliating function, reduces the workload of medical staff;

There are NIBP cuffs of various specifications suitable for different people, which can reduce measurement errors, including repetitiveNIBP cuffs, disposable NIBP cuffs, and ambulatory NIBP cuffs to meet the needs of different scenarios; and disposable NIBP cuffs applied to different departments Anesthesia supplies such as ECG electrodes.

Medlinekt has forged ahead in the field of anesthesia consumables, injected new impetus into the innovative development of anesthesia consumables, and provided a stable supply of consumables for major hospitals. So far, Medlinekt has obtained 3 invention patents, 39 utility model patents, 21 appearance patents and 3 PCT certificates.

In the future, Medlinekt will continue to actively undertake social responsibilities, ensure the supply of key materials for global epidemic prevention and control, adhere to the mission of "making medical care easier and people healthier", down-to-earth, strive for excellence, and continue to innovate in the field of monitoring equipment and consumables. Make breakthroughs and make contributions to the cause of human health.

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