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Medlinket's physical sign monitoring equipment is a "good helper" for scientific and efficient epidemic prevention
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Mar 10, 2022

At present, the epidemic situation in china and the world is still facing a severe situation. With the arrival of the fifth wave of the new crown epidemic in Hong Kong, the National Health Commission and the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention attach great importance to it, pay close attention, and fully support the Hong Kong government to effectively respond to the epidemic and curb the epidemic as soon as possible. Spread the situation and fight the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control.

In order to win the war of epidemic prevention and control without gunpowder smoke, strengthen the construction of security barriers for people's health. Among them, isolation hotels and makeshift hospitals are the safety fortresses to block the spread of the epidemic, the forefront of epidemic prevention and joint epidemic prevention, and the main battlefield for internal non-proliferation.

Medlinket's physical sign monitoring equipment is a

The staff stationed in the isolation hotel, in order to ensure the orderly management of the isolation hotel and the prevention and control in place, stick to their jobs 24 hours a day, and use practical actions to paint a vivid picture of anti-epidemic.

However, the work of the isolation hotel is far more arduous than we thought, and it is necessary to coordinate the personnel at the isolation point, provide material support, and supervise and inspect the work. Among them, it is a very important task to regularly monitor the body temperature and SpO2 of the quarantined personnel. The staff needs to perform sampling and monitoring from door to door, which not only has a heavy workload, but also has the risk of cross infection.

Medlinket's physical sign monitoring equipment is a

According to relevant sources, during the registration process of the information of the quarantined personnel, the handwriting of the information of the observers has been sterilized and disappeared, which not only brings great difficulties to the work of the inspectors, but also affects the repeated information collection. The emotions of the observers have brought a heavy burden to the fight against the "epidemic".

Medlinket's physical sign monitoring equipment is a

In order to meet the needs of daily monitoring in isolated hotels, the smart remote monitoring equipment launched by Medlinket has a temp-pulse oximeter and an infrared ear thermometer. It has its own Bluetooth function and is easy to operate. helper.

Quarantine personnel only need to self-measure in the isolation room to transmit the data to the nurse's mobile phone, which reduces the workload of epidemic prevention workers and bids farewell to the heavy burden of recording the monitoring data of each quarantine personnel by hand.

This intelligent remote monitoring device is very fast and convenient. It can measure ear canal temperature and finger SpO2 with just one key. It is small and light, easy to carry, and can measure temperature and SpO2 anytime, anywhere.

Medlinket temp-pulse oximeter

Medlinket's physical sign monitoring equipment is a

Product Features:

1. Patented algorithm, accurate measurement in the case of weak perfusion and jitter

2. OLED two-color liquid crystal display, no matter day or night, can be clearly displayed

3. The display interface can be switched, displayed in four directions, and switched between horizontal and vertical screens, which is convenient for oneself or others to measure and view

4. Multi-parameter measurement to realize five functions of health detection: such as blood oxygen (SPO2), pulse (PR), temperature (Temp), weak perfusion (PI), and PPG plethysmography.

5. Data Bluetooth transmission, docking with Meixin Nurse APP, real-time recording and sharing to view more monitoring data.

Medlinket Ear Thermometer

Medlinket's physical sign monitoring equipment is a

Product Features:

1. The probe is smaller and can be easily placed in the ear canal

2. The ear temperature can better reflect the core temperature

3. Multi-temperature measurement mode: ear temperature, environment, object temperature mode

4. Three-color light warning prompt

5. Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long standby

6. Data Bluetooth transmission, docking with Meixin Nurse APP, real-time recording and sharing to view more monitoring data

To fight the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control, Medlinket infrared thermometer and oximeter are selected as scientific and efficient prevention and control forces. Make quarantine hotel epidemic prevention more secure, assured and worry-free, and easily realize all-round daily health and epidemic prevention monitoring!

(*Another series of infrared thermometers, oximeters, electrocardiographs, and sphygmomanometers can be used in isolation hotels, hospital infectious disease wards, radiation wards and other applications. For more details, please contact us~)

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