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A high-precision oximeter that meets clinical testing, a
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Sep 18, 2021

A high-precision oximeter that meets clinical testing, a

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We know that SpO2 is an important parameter that reflects the body's respiratory function and whether the oxygen content is normal, and the oximeter is a device that monitors the blood oxygen status in our body. Oxygen is the basis of life activities, hypoxia is the root cause of many diseases, and many diseases can also cause insufficient oxygen supply. SpO2lower than 95% is a reflection of mild hypoxia. Less than 90% is a serious hypoxia and needs to be treated as soon as possible. It is not only the elderly who are prone to hypoxemia, but modern people have a lot of mental stress and work and rest time. Irregularities often lead to hypoxemia. Long-term low SpO2 will cause serious harm to the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the SpO2 in the body on a regular basis, even if protective measures are taken.

When it comes to oximeters, for home-style users and professional fitness professionals, most people will choose finger-clamp portable oximeters, because they are exquisite, compact, easy to carry, and not limited by time and place. Very convenient and fast. Finger clip oximeters are also used in many professional medical places, but the accuracy requirements are relatively high. Therefore, the elimination of errors is one of the key elements for the tight measurement of the oximeter.

The accuracy of the oximeter is closely related to the professional technical principle of the oximeter. The design principles of the current oximeter solution providers on the market are basically the same: the use of red LED, infrared LED and photodiode composition of the SpO2 sensor circuit , Plus the LED drive circuit. After the red light and infrared light are transmitted through the finger, they are detected by the signal processing circuit, and then passed to the ADC module of the single-chip microcomputer to further calculate the percentage of SpO2. They all use light sensitive elements such as red light, infrared light LED and photodiode to measure the transmission of the fingertips and earlobes. However, oximeter solution providers who have higher standards and requirements for the program have stricter and more demanding test requirements. In addition to the conventional test methods mentioned above, they must use their own program products and professional oximeter simulations. The data is compared with the medical-grade oximeter.

A high-precision oximeter that meets clinical testing, a

The oximeter developed by Medlinket has been clinically studied in qualified hospitals. In the controlled saturation study, the SaO2 of this product's measurement range of 70% to 100% has been confirmed. Compared with the arterial SpO2 value measured by CO-Oximeter, accurate data is obtained. The SpO2 error is controlled at 2%, and the temperature error is controlled at 0.1, which can achieve accurate measurement of SpO2, temperature, and pulse. , To meet the needs of professional measurement.

Choosing Medlinket cost-effective and accurate measurement oximeter solution in the market, I believe it will quickly gain the favor of users.

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