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Medlinket's anti-jitter high-precision Temp-Pluse oximeter, a market leader in the industry
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Sep 22, 2021

As the star product of the epidemic, the market demand for oximeters is very large in foreign countries, and the finger clip oximeter is a popular household health product, which is very different from the hospital medical market. Generally, the use cycle of hospital medical products can be When it grows to 5-10 years, the digestion cycle of the product is very long. As a home medical product, the finger clip oximeter is not high in price and can be affordable by any family, and its digestion cycle is relatively short. Looking at the development trend of the epidemic situation in the past two years, the epidemic will not end in the short term. It can be seen that the market demand for finger clip oximeters will continue to exist, and after the epidemic situation in recent years, the application of finger clip oximeters Demand will become as common as sphygmomanometers.

At present, the application market of oximeters can be divided into the following aspects: patients must monitor SpO2 during first aid and transportation, fire fighting, and high-altitude flight; people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and especially the elderly will have breathing In terms of problems, monitoring SpO2 indicators can give you a good understanding of whether your breathing and immune system are normal. SpO2 has become an important physiological indicator for daily monitoring in ordinary families; medical staff also use SpO2 as an indicator during ward rounds and outpatient visits. Must monitor items, the number of uses tends to be more than stethoscopes; patients with respiratory diseases, especially those who snore for a long time, use ventilators and oxygen concentrators, use oximeters in their daily lives to monitor the treatment effect; outdoor movers, mountain climbers Fans and sportsmen use oximeters during exercise to know their physical condition in time and take necessary protective measures. It can be said that the application market of oximeter is also very common and extensive.

Under the strong market demand, there are many manufacturers of finger clip oximeters on the market, but there are very few manufacturers that can truly bring quality to customers. The vast majority of manufacturers in the market have been focusing on cost and ignoring product performance, which has led to serious homogeneity of finger clip oximeters in the market. Although the cost of the solution is getting lower and lower, the quality and performance indicators cannot meet customer requirements. Therefore, the market share has always been very low, unable to compete with well-known domestic and foreign brands on the same stage.

In clinical applications, SpO2 measurement has two main pain points: one is poor applicability: fingers with different skin colors or different thicknesses are prone to unmeasured or abnormal measured values. The second is the poor anti-shake performance: the anti-interference ability is relatively weak, and the user's measurement part moves slightly, and the SpO2 measurement value or the pulse rate value deviation is likely to be large.

Medlinket's anti-jitter high-precision Temp-Pluse oximeter, a market leader in the industry

The oximeter developed by Medlinket overcomes the two major pain points of oximeters on the market, and has innovatively designed an oximeter with strong resistance to jitter and high precision. Its characteristic functions are as follows:

1. High accuracy: Medlinket's temp-pulse oximeter have been clinically studied in qualified hospitals. The SaO2 of 70% to 100% of the claimed measurement range of this product has been confirmed. There are a total of 12 healthy adult volunteers, with 50% male and female sex ratios. The skin color of the volunteers includes: white, light black, and dark black.

2. Imported chip, patented algorithm, accurate measurement under weak perfusion and jitter

3. The intelligent alarm can be customized to set the upper and lower limits of SpO2/pulse rate/body temperature, and the alarm will be automatically prompted when the range is exceeded

4. Multi-parameters can be measured, such as SpO2(blood oxygen), PR(pulse), Temp(temperature), PI(low perfusion), RR(respiration) , HRV(heart rate variability), PPG (blood plethysmograph

5. The display interface can be switched, and the waveform interface and the large character interface can be selected

6. Four-direction display, horizontal and vertical screens can be switched autonomously, which is convenient for measuring and viewing by yourself or others

7. You can choose single measurement, interval measurement, 24h continuous measurement throughout the day

8. It can be connected to the blood oxygen probe/temperature probe, suitable for different patients such as adults/children/infants/newborns (optional)

9. According to different groups of people, and different department scenarios, the external sensor can choose finger clip type, silicone soft finger cot, comfortable sponge, silicone wrapped type, non-woven wrap strap and other special sensors (optional)

10. You can choose to clamp your finger for measurement, or you can choose wrist-type accessories, wrist-type measurement (optional)

11. There is a serial port function, which is convenient for system integration, and can be connected to the Internet of Things, ward rounds and other remote intelligent collection of vital signs data applications

12. Data Bluetooth transmission, docking with MEDSXING APP, real-time record sharing to view more monitoring data

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