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Medlinket's disposable temperature probe meets the needs of clinically accurate temperature monitoring
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Temperature is a physical quantity that expresses the degree of heat and cold of an object. From a microscopic point of view, it is the degree of violent thermal motion of the molecules of the object; and temperature can only be measured indirectly through certain characteristics of the object that change with temperature. In clinical measurement, such as emergency room, operating room, ICU, NICU, PACU, departments that need to continuously measure body temperature, temperature probes are often used to monitor body temperature.

What is the difference between body surface temperature and body cavity temperature? What is the difference between measuring temperature

There are two forms of temperature measurement, one is body surface temperature measurement and body cavity temperature measurement. Body surface temperature refers to the temperature of the body's surface, including skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles; and body temperature is the temperature inside the human body, generally represented by the body temperature of the mouth, rectum, and armpits. These two measurement methods use different measurement tools, and the measured temperature values are also different. The oral temperature of a normal person is about 36.3℃~37.2, the axillary temperature is 0.3℃~0.6lower than the oral temperature, and the rectal temperature (also called rectal temperature) is 0.3℃~0.5higher than the oral temperature.

Temperature is often affected by the environment, which leads to inaccurate measurement. In order to meet the needs of accurate clinical measurement, Medlinket has designed skin-surface temperature probes and Esophageal/Rectal probes, using high-precision thermistors, with an accuracy of ±0.1. This disposable temperature probe can be used for a single patient without the risk of cross-infection, and it provides a good safety guarantee for patients at high risk during the operation. At the same time, Medlinket's temperature probe has a variety of adapter cables, which are compatible with various mainstream monitors.

Medlinket's comfortable disposable skin-surface temperature probe realizes accurate measurement:

1. Good insulation protection prevents the risk of electric shock and is safer; prevents liquid from flowing into the connection to ensure the correct reading;

2. Anti-interference design of the temperature probe, the probe end is distributed with radiant reflective stickers, while fixing the sticking position, it can also effectively isolate the ambient temperature and radiant light interference, ensuring more accurate body temperature monitoring data.

3. The patch does not contain latex. The viscous foam that has passed the biocompatibility evaluation can fix the temperature measurement position, is comfortable to wear and has no skin irritation.

4. It can be used with a neonatal incubator to meet the requirements of neonatal safety and high hygiene index.

Medlinket's non-invasive Esophageal/Rectal temperature probes accurately and quickly measures body temperature:

1. The sleek and smooth design at the top makes it smoother to insert and remove.

2. There is a scale value every 5cm, and the mark is clear, which is easy to identify the insertion depth.

3. Medical PVC casing, available in white and blue, with smooth and waterproof surface, easier to put into the body after being wet.

4. Accurate and rapid provision of continuous body temperature data: The fully enclosed design of the probe prevents liquid from flowing into the connection, ensuring accurate readings, and is conducive to medical staff to observe and record and make accurate judgments on patients.

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