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Why does anesthesiology department use disposable spo2 sensor to monitor SpO2
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We know that the spo2 sensor includes disposable spo2 sensors and reusable spo2 sensors. Disposable spo2 sensors are mainly applicable to anesthesia department, operating room and ICU; Reusable spo2 sensor is mainly applicable to ICU, emergency department, outpatient department, home care, etc. What are the important documents (basis), arguments and academic to support that the anesthesiology department should use disposable spo2 sensor to monitor human SpO2?

According to the following authoritative documents, SpO2 monitoring is a general standard, and it is also necessary for the anesthesia department to use disposable spo2 sensor.
American Society of anesthesiologists, ASA; British and Irish society of anesthesiologists, aagbi; European Commission on anesthesiology, EBA; Hong Kong Society of anesthesiologists, HKCA; International Association of anesthesiologists, IFNA; World Health Organization and World Federation of anesthesiologists associations, who-wfsa; Document of Anesthesiology branch of Chinese Medical Association: guidelines for clinical anesthesia monitoring (2017), medical quality control indicators of Anesthesia Specialty (Revised and trial on July 2, 2020).
Blood oxygen saturation probe is a non-invasive, rapid response, safe and reliable continuous monitoring index, which has been recognized by clinical experts; the monitoring accuracy can provide rapid, direct and effective operation basis for doctors' clinical behavior.

Medlinket disposable spo2 sensor

Advantages of Medlinket disposable spo2 sensor:
Cleanliness and hygiene: disposable products are produced and packaged in the clean room to reduce infection and cross infection factors;
Anti shake interference: it has strong adhesion and anti motion interference, which is more suitable for active patients;
Good compatibility: Medlinket has strong adaptation technology in the industry and can be compatible with all mainstream monitoring models;
High precision: it has been evaluated by the clinical laboratory of the United States, the Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University and the people's Hospital of northern Guangdon
Wide measurement range: it is verified that it can be measured in black skin color, white skin color, newborn, elderly, tail finger and thumb;
Weak perfusion performance: matched with mainstream models, it can still be measured accurately when PI (perfusion index) is 0.3.
High cost performance: Medlinket has been a medical manufacturer for 17 years, an agent factory of international major brands, international quality and competitive price.

Medlinket disposable spo2 sensor

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