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Medlinket anesthesia depth EEG sensor has obtained MHRA registration certification in the UK
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Oct 08, 2021

Recently, Medlinket's anesthesia depth EEG sensor has been registered and certified by MHRA in the UK, which shows that Medlinket's anesthesia depth EEG sensor has been officially recognized in the UK and can be sold in the UK market.

 anesthesia depth EEG sensor

As we know, Medlinket's anesthesia depth EEG sensor has passed the registration and certification of China's nmpa in 2014 and successfully settled in major well-known hospitals in China. It has been clinically verified for more than 7 years. The recognition of the hospital is the best support for Medlinket's anesthesia depth EEG sensor.

Characteristics of Medlinket anesthesia depth EEG sensor:
1. Single patient disposable use to prevent cross infection;
2. High quality conductive adhesive and sensor, fast reading data;
3. Good biocompatibility to avoid allergic reaction to patients;
4. The measurement data is stable and accurate;
5. The registration is complete and can be used safely;
6. Supplied by manufacturers with high cost performance.

anesthesia depth EEG sensor

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