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How to select spo2 sensor in various departments of the hospital?
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We know that the blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) has a very important application in all departments of the hospital, especially in the blood oxygen monitoring in ICU. It has been clinically proved that the pulse blood oxygen saturation monitoring can detect the patient's tissue hypoxia as soon as possible, so as to timely adjust the oxygen concentration of ventilator and the oxygen intake of catheter; It can timely reflect the anesthesia consciousness of patients after general anesthesia and provide basis for extubation of endotracheal intubation; It can dynamically monitor the development trend of patients' condition without trauma. It is one of the important means of ICU patient monitoring.

SpO2 Sensor

The blood oxygen probe  (SpO2 Sensor)  is also used in various departments of the hospital, including pre hospital rescue, (A & E) emergency room, sub-health ward, outdoor care, home care, operating room, ICU intensive care, PACU anesthesia recovery room, etc.

Then how to choose the appropriate blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) in each department of the hospital?

General reusable blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) is suitable for ICU, emergency department, outpatient, home care, etc; Disposable blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) is suitable for anesthesia department, operating room and ICU.

Then, you may ask why both reusable oxygen probe and disposable oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) can be used in ICU? In fact, there is no strict boundary for this problem. In some domestic hospitals, they pay more attention to infection control or have relatively abundant expenditure on medical consumables. Generally, they will choose a single patient to use a disposable blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor), which is safer and hygienic to avoid cross infection. Of course, some hospitals will use blood oxygen probes (SpO2 Sensor) that are reused by many patients. After each use, pay attention to thorough cleaning and disinfection to ensure that there are no residual bacteria and avoid affecting other patients.

SpO2 Sensor

Then select the blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) suitable for adults, children, infants and newborns according to different applicable populations. The type of blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) can also be selected according to the use habits of hospital departments or patient characteristics, such as finger clip blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor), finger cuff blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor), wrapped belt blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) , ear clip blood oxygen probe(SpO2 Sensor), Y-type multifunctional probe (SpO2 Sensor) , etc.

SpO2 Sensor

Advantages of Medlinket blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor):

A variety of options: disposable blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor) and reusable blood oxygen probe (SpO2 Sensor), all kinds of people, all kinds of probe types, and various models.
Cleanliness and hygiene: disposable products are produced and packaged in the clean room to reduce infection and cross infection factors;
Anti shake interference: it has strong adhesion and anti motion interference, which is more suitable for active patients;
Good compatibility: Medlinket has the strongest adaptation technology in the industry and can be compatible with all mainstream monitoring models;
High precision: it has been evaluated by the clinical laboratory of the United States, the Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University and the people's Hospital of northern Guangdong
Wide measurement range: it is verified that it can be measured in black skin color, white skin color, newborn, elderly, tail finger and thumb;
Weak perfusion performance: matched with mainstream models, it can still be measured accurately when PI (perfusion index) is 0.3;
High cost performance: 17 years of medical device manufacturers, batch supply, international quality and local price.

SpO2 Sensor

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