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For ETCO2 monitoring, intubated patients are most suitable for mainstream ETCO2 monitoring
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Sep 23, 2021

For ETCO2 monitoring, you should know how to select appropriate ETCO2 monitoring methods and supporting ETCO2 devices.

Why are intubated patients most suitable for mainstream ETCO2 monitoring?

Mainstream ETCO2 monitoring technology is specially designed for intubated patients. Because all measurements and analyses are completed directly on the respiratory airway. Without sampling measurement, the performance is stable, simple and convenient, so there will be no anesthetic gas leakage into the air.

 ETCO2 mainstream and sidestream sensor

Non intubated patients are not suitable for the mainstream because there is no suitable interface for direct measurement by ETCO2 detector.

This problem should be paid attention to when using bypass flow to monitor intubated patients:

Due to the high humidity of the respiratory airway, it is necessary to remove the condensed water and gas from time to time to keep the sampling pipeline unobstructed.

Therefore, it is very important to select different monitoring methods for different groups. There are also various styles for the selection of ETCO2 sensors and accessories. If you don't know how to choose, you can consult us at any time~ ETCO2 mainstream and sidestream sensorMedlinket's ETCO2 sensor and accessories have the following advantages:
1. Simple operation, plug and play;
2. Long term stability, dual A1 band, non dispersive infrared technology;
3. Long service life, infrared biackbody light source using MEMS technology;
4. The calculation results are accurate, and the temperature, air pressure and Bayesian gas are compensated;
5. Calibration free, calibration algorithm, calibration free operation;
6. Strong compatibility, can adapt to different brand modules.

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