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Medlinket's Infant Incubator, Warmer Temperature Probes makes medical treatment easier and your baby healthier
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Dec 21, 2021

According to a report released by the World Health Organization, there are about 15 million premature babies worldwide each year, more than 10% of all newborns. Among these premature babies, there are approximately 1.1 million deaths worldwide each year from complications of premature birth. Among them, China is one of the countries with the largest number of premature babies, ranking second in the world.

With the aging of the population, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China formally confirmed the implementation of the three-child policy on May 31, 2021. However, according to surveys, most of my country’s first only-children are over 35 years old. When they enjoy the second-child policy, it has already passed. During the reproductive period, it belongs to the elderly mothers, which means that the birth will face a great risk, and the increase in the elderly mothers, there may be more premature babies in the future.

We know that due to the immature development of various organs, premature babies have poor adaptability to the outside world, and are prone to various complications, and the mortality rate is also very high, requiring close monitoring and care. In premature newborns, weak babies will be sent to the baby incubator, which has a constant temperature, constant humidity and no noise, providing a warm and comfortable environment for the newborn. 

Medlinket's Infant Incubator, Warmer Temperature Probes makes medical treatment easier and your baby healthier

Market prospects of infant incubators:

According to incomplete statistics, from 2015 to 2019, China's baby incubator market has increased year by year. With the opening of the three-child policy, it is expected that the baby incubator will have a larger market size in the future. 

Body temperature detection is an indispensable safety indicator for babies in the incubator. Premature babies are relatively fragile, have poor ability to regulate the outside temperature, and their body temperature is extremely unstable. 

If the outside temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the newborn's body fluid to be lost; if the outside temperature is too low, it will cause cold damage to the newborn. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the body temperature of premature babies at any time and take remedial measures in time. 

It was disclosed at the 15th National Academic Conference on Hospital Infection Management that among the tens of millions of hospitalized patients in my country each year, about 10% of the patients had hospital infections, and the additional medical expenses were about tens of billions of yuan.

However, premature babies are weak in physical fitness and have poor resistance to external viruses. When monitoring body temperature, if a repetitive temperature sensor that has not been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected is used, it is very easy to cause pathogen cross-infection and even endanger life and safety, so special care is required. Aroused attention, so it is recommended to use a disposable temperature probe for premature infants.

Recognizing the safety and comfort of newborns and the concerns about the efficiency of medical staff, Medlinket has developed a disposable temperature probe for infant incubators designed for newborns. It can be used by a single patient to continuously monitor the baby’s body temperature. Compatible with various mainstream brands of crib body temperature probe accessories, such as Dräger, ATOM, David(China), Zhengzhou Dison, GE etc.

Medlinket's Infant Incubator, Warmer Temperature Probes makes medical treatment easier and your baby healthier

The probe side distributes the radiant reflective sticker to fix the sticking position, and at the same time it can effectively isolate the ambient temperature and radiant light to ensure more accurate body temperature monitoring data. There are three specifications of reflective sticker to choose from:

Product Features:

1. Using high-precision thermistor, the accuracy is up to ±0.1 degrees;

2. Good insulation protection is safer to prevent the risk of electric shock; prevent liquid from flowing into the connection to ensure the correct reading;

3. Use the viscous foam material that has passed the biocompatibility evaluation, which has good biocompatibility, no irritation to the skin, and will not cause allergic reactions when worn for a long time;

4. The plug connector adopts ergonomic design, making it easier to plug and unplug;

5. Optional matching baby-friendly hydrogel stickers.

Health monitoring of premature babies cannot be ignored. Choosing a safe and comfortable temperature probe is particularly important for baby temperature monitoring. Please look for the temperature probe of Medlinket’s disposable baby incubator, so that medical staff can be more at ease and babys temperature monitoring will be more assured. Come soon Shop it~

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