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"Guardian God" for Premature Infants-ncubator Temperature Probe
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Sep 03, 2021

According to relevant research results, about 15 million Premature Infants are born every year in the world, and more than 1 million Premature Infants die from complications of premature birth. This is because newborns have less subcutaneous fat, weak perspiration and heat dissipation, and poor body's ability to adjust to external temperature changes. Therefore, the Premature Infants' body temperature is extremely unstable. It is likely that the body temperature is too high or too low due to external influences, and then further Cause internal changes and damage, and even cause death. Therefore, we must strengthen the monitoring and nursing of Premature Infants' body temperature.

Hospitals often use baby incubators and warming stations to monitor and care for Premature Infants. Among premature Infants, weak Infants will be sent to the baby incubator. The incubator can be equipped with infrared radiation devices to provide babies with a constant temperature, constant humidity, and noise-free environment, and because of the isolation from the outside world, there are few bacterial infections, which can effectively reduce the risk of newborn infections.

Because the Infant is fragile, when the Infant is sent into the baby incubator, if the outside temperature is too high, it will easily cause the Infant's body fluid to be lost; if the outside temperature is too low, it will cause cold damage to the Infant; therefore, you need to check the Infant at any time The body temperature status in order to take corresponding remedial measures.

Infants have poor physical fitness and low resistance to external viruses. If a reusable temperature probe that has not been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected is used for body temperature detection,it is very easy to cause pathogen contamination and increase the risk of infants being infected with viruses. At the same time, when the infant detects the body temperature in the incubator, due to the infrared radiation device equipped in the incubator, it is easy to cause the body temperature probe to absorb heat and increase the temperature, resulting in inaccurate measurement. Therefore, it is the best choice to choose a disposable temperature probe with high safety and hygiene index to detect the body temperature of infants.

The disposable body surface temperature probe independently developed and produced by Shenzhen Med-link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. is suitable for the host hospital to monitor the infant's body surface temperature. It can not only meet the needs of infant hygiene and safety, but also effectively avoid infrared radiation caused by the incubator. The interference caused meets the needs of accurate measurement.

 Product advantages:

1. Good insulation and waterproof protection, safe and reliable;

2. Radiation reflective stickers are distributed on the probe end, which can effectively isolate the ambient temperature and radiant light while fixing the sticking position, ensuring more accurate body temperature monitoring data.

3. The patch does not contain latex, and the viscous foam that has passed the biocompatibility evaluation can fix the temperature measurement position, is comfortable to wear and has no skin irritation.

4. Aseptic use for single patient, no cross infection;

Applicable departments: emergency room, operating room, ICU, NICU, PACU, departments that need to continuously measure body temperature.

Compatible models: GE Healthcare, Draeger, ATOM, David(China) , Zhengzhou Dison, Julongsanyou Dison, etc.

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